Monday, March 4, 2013

The Disney App you want

Psyched to slip a side note of self-celebration: last week I hit 100 sales on ETSY, 100 posts & 10,000 hits on the blog, and [hopefully] soon to be 100 likes on the Facebook page.  Join the fun here.

Now back to business. 
Diz Biz, that iz.

Here is my current Disney folder. It's lookin' a little empty. 
I'm gonna need to expand my world a little soon.
But for now, it'll have to do...

Disney Parks is the one.

I could not even get Disney World to load every time I tried for the first day.
I wondered why my husband was having such good luck with it and could pull up the wait times for a certain ride and the map to get to it in 2 secs flat.
Oh. It's cuz he had already loaded a better app. It's also known as "Disney Mobile Magic."

Super simple; intuitive; easy to navigate. 

You start with where you are...

Once you choose your area, you get an overview of the day's events, 
another menu, and the map:


As I mentioned in my previous post describing our last trip, hubby and I got the whole system down with the help of this app. We'd see Dumbo had an hour wait, so I would run to the fastpass location to get tickets for Dumbo while he and my mother-in-law would hit the teacups; I'd join them and we'd see how much time the wait was at Winnie the Pooh and then go back to Dumbo to use our fastpasses.

As with most map apps these days, you can zoom in and out seamlessly. The little gray bubbles or drops-of-water-looking things would have a number inside them with each ride's wait time. But because I'm no longer in the world, sigh, they are not populating in the above pic.

You can also see everything in a "list" format organized by name, 
wait time or fastpass availability.

You can even search what's happening at your Resort, 
if you are lucky enough to be staying at one!

Lastly, I mentioned the DISBoards app. It's for all those forums you like to browse when you are in the planning stages or when you are seeking advice for a more detailed question. Someone will invariably create a thread for your visit/trip such as "Feb 2013 DIS'ers" or "Disney Fantasy Sailing May 3". They will use those crazy abbreviations and acronyms I detailed here. They will also often link to a fb group, and you will also often make friends with which you'd want to exchange fish extender gifts on your cruise and then you will need one of these. Just sayin'.

Now I do have a profile, and I am a part of some threads, 
but I'm currently just a stalker, not a poster. 


Let's see how long I last...

Have a magical day!

[Disney freak mom freak]

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  1. Man, this totally makes me want a smart phone, just to take advantage of all of the Disney stuff!


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