Friday, March 22, 2013

My convo with the Broadway coach

If you missed the previous post about my adventure into video auditioning, click here.

Ok so I'll paraphrase [or quote shamelessly and keep the author anonymous] so you can help me read between the lines and determine whether my retirement career on Broadway in my 60's is a reality or not. I'm posting my read of between the lines on the right, just in case you are brain dead today  tired  lazy and need me to do it for  think for  brainwash you.

Nevermind if Broadway will actually exist in 25 years or if holographic CGI performances will be the new norm by then. It's gonna be awesome to hit the clubs on 8th avenue with my gray hair and twenty-something back up dancers after my hot opening night performance in the revival of Kiss of the Spiderwoman. HOT.

For this 'coaching' from Stagelighter I chose a woman, and an executive. I really need to see what casting directors and agents have to say about me, so I may pay for some more coachings. But I really wanted a woman for my first try. I was telling the service I think they should offer a pricing package for 3 coachings that's a little cheaper as a bundle. Also, they need to go back in time and give me this service like in the year 2000.

Let's get started:
Hi Ashley - pleased to 'meet you.' I think your headshot is terrific.  
Well, duh. I got them here. 
No, actually, that is really great to hear 
since these are my first IN COLOR.  [rolling with the times]
I do think I have a nice smile...
Great smile. I immediately see someone whom I would think 'this woman is versatile - could be a leading lady or character lady.' A great combination.

Thoughts on performer's resume:
Easy to read - well laid out. Could be larger font for names of shows, roles, etc. Particularly in an audition room where your listeners start to go blind after a while !!
I hear ya, I hear ya. 
However, there is SO MUCH I have to say about my VAST experience...
hard to fit it all in....and all the fabulous directors and venues....
people really need to know ALL THAT SH** about me. 
What to cut?? Ah yes, The Ren Faire....
dance recital from 9th grade...
got it.
Thoughts on video:
First I have to say, I really love the timbre of your voice. I listened to 'As We Stumble Along' several times. It's a great choice for you, as I certainly see you in roles that Beth Leavel has done (Crazy for You, Mama Mia, Baby, It's You). You also impress me as an artist much like Lindsay Mendez and roles she does (i.e. leading + character), Grease, Godspell, Dogfight).
I don't know Lindsay Mendez. Oops. 
Timbre's a good word. 
Or is it a euphamism for 'weird'??
I'm not sure the choice of tempo for the number is right. As I'm sure you know, in the show this is a 'rousing anthem' (to alcoholism !!) and the tempo for the first and last sections were very upbeat in contrast to the middle section. I'd aim for more 'blowzy' and less contemplative. It should be more 'show-stopping' and less ballad.
Note to self: don't actually drink before performing this number.
Be careful of your pitch end of A section as you go into the break ('bluebird, and 'along). You find the right pocket later on with 'Plumble,' and it sounds great. Just work on that break issue. I also think that with more of a tempo contrast you'll discover a physicality that has more energy and contrast. The highball is really like a second character !!
Should act. along with singing.
What else?
You say you sing legit to high C and would love to hear that part of your voice.
Me too.
So many roles come to mind in addition to the Leavel and Mendez roles. I'd love to hear something more contemporary, maybe a song from 'Violet' (a great role for you), maybe 'Why Can't you Behave' from Kiss Me, Kate, or one of Rosabella's numbers from 'Most Happy Fella.' (Also a great role for you).
Oh! My coach just gave me one from 'Most Happy Fella.'
Contemporary, Schmntemporary... 

My "Extra" Question for Coach: "What's my freakin' type??"

Both leading and character combo. You're very attractive, but I also sense there is an innate comedian inside that I'd love to see more of.
I AM hilarious...true...
attractive... um....
that's a new one.
Should I be going for ANTM?
On a side note, it was interesting to see that you were with the [X]. [So-and-so] and I have worked together many, many times and I conducted two productions with the [X] some time ago. Great teacher and person, I'm sure you agree.
I am SO networked.
This is why you can't lie on your resume!!
Of ALL the line items, she pulled this one. Crazy. 
That's always the way...

Whaddyathink, folks? 
Broadway bound, or 
'don't call us - we'll call you...' ??

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