Monday, March 11, 2013

Springing forward

Here's what's going forward.

Got that audition video for Stagelighter done. Really worked through the song (and this particular cut of the song) quite a bit. Altogether successful.

Here's the intro bit they make ya do.

I'll let you know how the Broadway people respond. May be good fuel for a 'f**k-it-Wednesday' post.

Started 140.6 in the month of March workouts as I'd hoped I would. Feels a little daunting, but then you remember the pros do it in 7/8 hours. Or is it 6? Wtf gladiators. Figured I should be halfway done by March 15, no? Currently at a whopping:
  • Swim: 1.4 miles left
  • Bike: 80 miles left
  • Run: 17.7 miles left
Hopefully, I'll get there. It's good motivation because:
  • It puts that long bike in perspective
  • It gets me to put mileage on whenever possible, and
  • It motivates me to finish early so I may actually have a few days off on spring break at the end of the month

After the week of consequences after this little incident, the little boy and girl are starting to "get" consequences. He was especially rocked by the lack of juice, and going forward, I'm going to stick to a one juice a day rule as I may have seen a slight improvement in his listening skills during his juice fast. The little girl, by default, had to give up TV as well so she is constantly afeared of another event. A little fear is not going to add to the future therapy bills in this case, so says me.

Here what's going backwards.

A little public service announcement: should you decide to instruct hubby to "add a little more Oxiclean powder to the spray bottle" when he wants to clean all his baseball caps, he's going to overshoot it. And, in turn, the bottle will come shooting like a cannon out of the cabinet and Oxiclean the hell out of
True story.

You've been warned.

So....Who's it going to be on The Bachelor tonight?? You watching??? Hubby thinks that letter is from Emily. I think it's from Ashlee, giving him the talk she didn't have after he dissed her. Either way, it's of no consequence to his choosing of????
I'm thinking Lindsay is the better longterm match for him, but Katherine is his crush. 

He'll obviously make the right call. Duh- he's on TV.

See ya suckers! 
[funny story about that phrase. 'Nother story for 'nother day.]

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  1. You are soooooooo Broadway! Great job on the tune. Anyone that doesn't recognize the quality of your bway presences... well, check them for a pulse!


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