Friday, March 1, 2013

Punishment Options, including: singing

My husband and I have been going back and forth about strategies for punishment for that little incident earlier this week. He thinks I never say 'No', and I tell him, that usually works in his favor. 

Every time the children would say "I want" something, he wanted me to respond: 
"I want a couch without red marker all over it." 
But that's just not my way! I tried it the first day anyways, and they didn't really get it.

We tried spankings, but I pinch their cute little butts so much that I think they are de-sensitized. 

We took away juice, candy, TV, video games, snuggle/story time, treats, options at meal times [I'm normally a short-order cook, am now a fine dining establishment apparently]...made them clean up and do chores with me all over the grid...threatened to cover his favorite toys with red marker....

but still - more naughtiness -  and no real understanding.

I should have just sang my most recent audition song over and over again, causing irreparable damage as every time I sing to him he covers his ears and says, "TOO LOUD, MOMMY."

Best punishment/rehearsal ever.

Today I was supposed to be recording a professional video of this song with my musical theatre friends at PRO-files to submit to Stagelighter, a new video audition/coaching submission site featuring Broadway casting personnel. 

But my musical director/accompanist got some callbacks that conflicted.

[Stupid, gorgeous, talented, biotch.]

So a few days ago I recorded, a capella, a little rehearsal. It sucks. But, you get the point. Please ignore neglected laundry in the background. Enjoy.

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