Thursday, March 28, 2013

Month-long-140.6 results

Me: "So would you rather see number of workouts, or total time per leg on my month-long-140.6 workout?"
Hubby: "WHAT?! I don't know. This is the most f**ked up training plan I have ever heard of!"
Me: "It's just a warm up, Jacka$$! You know I NEED TO VISUALIZE!!"
Ironman distance in a month's work of workouts

Week  Swim Bike* Run Total Miles Total Time
1 1.0 17 7.5 25.5
2 0 15 4 19
3 1.4 50 4.7 56.1
4 0 30 10 40
Total time
(# sessions**)

*I estimated a 60 min spin class to equal 15 miles biking.
**I ran a few bricks [bike + runs.]

the good
  • gave me back that understanding of stealing family/couple/me time to log. miles.
  • reminded me I love swimming
  • reminded me there's nothing like actually biking on a bike
  • kicked my ass in gear to start training for Broad Street Run  [it's weird when it's not your end goal and so you don't even train properly for it. no? just me?]
  • realized I am motivated by the prospect of time off for an early finish
  • gave me an understanding of how LONG that stinkin' bikeride would be.
the bad
  • the top of my right foot (instep?) started feeling crunchy again. That started during half-marathon training last Sept.
  • the left knee started feeling puffy in the last bike ride. But I HATE the stationary bike. I only did two sessions on the stationary; the rest were spin class. Gonna ignore. 
  • doesn't really jive with any other training plans...whoops...
  • gave me an understanding of how LONG that stinkin' bikeride would be.
So somehow I think this will help me prepare for 70.3 in a day
I know a LOT of people log a LOT more miles in a month, but...
gotta start somewhere!
This is what I chose. 

Inspiring me to consider...a 70.3 in a week's worth of workouts? 
That's 1 swim, 3 1/2 spin classes, 3 runs, typically, for me. 
Or maybe I'll cheat and do it Broad Street Run week. 
Could always bike to the race since I hear parking is a bitch...
Oh yeah - YAY! I did it!


  1. Stretch that knee before AND AFTER your rides/workouts. Not enough people stretch after a workout and it can save what sounds like could be a problem.


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