Monday, March 18, 2013

Does this stone make my rear look too big?

Let me explain why my husband has been driving around town with a paver stone in his trunk and stopping in front of random people's houses, taking it out and placing it next to their retaining walls. 

Hold on, no. I can't explain that behavior.

OMG seriously no series of conversations between me and my husband have been this intolerable.

Is this how a man feels when we ask him about that "red" shirt but not the "red red" one, the "kinda reddy red one"?!?!

The following statements are his. Mine are the ones in quotes...and this is only a snippet from this weekend...we started this for it...October. AND...go:

There's definitely brown in that Golden Dakota.

See this picture has the Coventry cut of stone but not in the Golden Dakota blend, only the Dakota blend, so there's more gray and less brown.

But I think the Bristol cut will have more brown so we could get away with the Dakota blend wall and maybe a mix of the two maybe with a different wall type the Tudor... a more tumbled look...

Because these two don't look as dramatically different here in this finish, but if you look at these two pictures...  
"Yeah it's all about the lighting of the pic...the time of day..."

[see, I'm helpful...]

And then there's the Brisas stone...the contractor said he thought it's a cut that's trendy right now but we aren't going to like it in a few years...

See I like the Golden Dakota but there's not yet a matching wall stone. It has to be either the Dakota blend, which might be too gray, even though I like gray, I don't think it matches the house, even though we are going to have to paint the exterior of the house at some point, but I don't think we will ever take it in a gray direction, because it's stucco, and stucco always looks more appropriate in Earth tones, which leaves me to the Harvest blend, which is looking a little too orangey, and the contractor said it could look washed out. But even the Harvest blend wall is not exactly the right fit for the Golden Dakota flooring, so maybe we should just stick with what actually has a matching wall stone. It would have to be Harvest-Harvest.



"That sounds good..."

Did he notice I'm not listening yet? Sh**...

"Well what does your gut tell you?"

"What if we cinch it with a brown belt? Then it'll pop!"


Aha...ok let's ask the contractor which brown is in the line with the Harvest blend stone and if we need to look at the Coventry line or Cobble line or could we stick with the Tudor line...

"Ah yes...which brown..." 

"We'll want a brown but not a brown-brown, right? I gotcha..."



  1. Ah, the joys of home ownership! i think the grey will set off your upper yard better :)

  2. It took me less decisions to ask my wife to marry me!

  3. We are in the middle of the same discussion for around the pool! Which one did you go with? Do you have any pictures uploaded?

    1. Thanks for asking - we went with harvest color schemes, and I did put a 'final' photo on my twitter account, but haven't done a blog post because we still have yet to get the lights installed, so I don't feel it is 'finished' yet! ugh!! never done...


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