Thursday, March 14, 2013

And for her, how to swim

I taught my son how to fly a kite, and now, my daughter seems prime for swimming.

"You're ready. You're going to be swimming this summer", I tell her.

"Swimming?" she asks. Like she's never been introduced to it before. Or been a part of hundreds of dollars of lessons over the last two years.

"In the pool. We'll have a pool to go to this summer."

"We have. A pool?"

"Yes. And just what you were doing in the bath, holding your breath and moving your body, you do in the big pool, only, your legs don't touch the bottom."

"Ok, but I don't want you to let go."

"Ok, I won't let go. I'll hold onto you for a long long time until you tell me you are ready for me to let go."

"Ok... But don't let go."

"Ok sweetie. I won't let go."

She grins.

"But I'll be ready."

"I know you will."

" have to hold on to my legs."

"I will. I'll be there the whole time, I won't leave you, until you tell me to."


Big breath...

Big pause...

Big thought...

Big smile.

"Watch me mommy!"

Oh I am.

Here is her first dance show. She set up the chair for Daddy and 
asked me to accompany her on the piano. Twist my arm...

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  1. wanna bet she will be a fantastic swimmer? so cute!


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