Sunday, February 24, 2013

The pros & cons of constant reunion

I know that I live a lot of my life online right now; making connections with people electronically is what fuels me through a kid-infused life. I don't have a workplace per se, or coworkers per se, but online, I can create that for myself, and being the social creature that I am, it's invaluable

If I can impart some words of wisdom to my children I would want them to know that their social life is their life. Their work life can become their social life, should they enjoy their work and their coworkers, but what you produce in your work is just that: what you produce. It may be art, it may be commerce, but it emanates from you, it is not you.

Living in a constant state of high school reunion has been getting to me. I watched two friends be featured in The New York Times and three appear and/or be nominated at the Tony awards last year. High school friends who are artists have also reached major standards of success.

Standard is a good word...
There is no way to define a standard for the many silly things that I do, 
much less achieve or surpass that nonexistent standard.
Who are the artists next door? Am I keeping up with them?
Am I an artist still? 
Creativity definitely becomes less reliable and takes longer to show up now, 
as I get further from my days of doing it full time.

Let me say it plainly: creativity gets old, like my bones. 

But maybe it will be like muscles...less retention and needing more maintenance, 
but proving to have much more endurance.
Yes let's go with that. 
Intimidating myself. 
Make it no big deal.

I'm running this little pep talk in the back of my mind because, on the other hand, living in a constant state of high school reunion also reminds me of the many places that I've come from. And I guess it reminds other people that I still exist, because an old friend recently invited me to be a part of a project that is years down the road, but shhhhhh it's very exciting. 

Whereas I don't think that I am that person anymore, several people [as of late, an in a surprisingly large number of random encounters] do.

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