Friday, February 15, 2013

The Disney trip when they were 4: Mickey Magic Moments

As you know, I'm starting to become a Disney mom freak mom freak. 
Some parents want the Santa magic look in their kids' eyes, 
I kinda want to see the Mickey magic in their eyes.  

When we missed out on the Magic Kingdom day on the Disney cruise (I know, poor, woeful, me), hubby promised me a quick trip while Princesses and Pirates were still in our vocabulary.

And just as predicted, my son only took half the ride on Pirates of the Caribbean to enthusiastically shout:
"Look! Pirates!'
And after speaking privately with Cinderella upon our entrance to the castle for lunch, my daughter daintily lifted up her skirt as she ascended the stairway, and, when asked why, explained: 
"That's how a princess do it!" 
I have to say the princesses were very impressive. I don't remember them being Is that the right word? As a performer and once-Ren-faire improv artist *cough don't speak of this in public with me cough*, they amazed me. They were so sweet and had actual, meaningful and story-proof conversations with my four-year-old daughter that I could never reproduce in 'real life.' I don't know how long princess time will last with her, and I don't put much weight in dousing her with too much 'happily ever after', because I've now managed to convince myself that, what we're/they're teaching her, is that her dreams can come true. That's a lesson I'm still going to bed with every night!

So between the new apps on the market, my childhood homing/navigation mechanism, and the fast pass, Disney World is truly a different world from my youth. We never waited more than 20 minutes in line for anything. Well, it was February. And, maybe ice cream on Main Street before the fireworks took a little longer than 20 minutes. But magically, I don't remember that sort of detail.

We have the advantage of having twins that have the same attention span and interest in similar rides, so hubby would check the app and see it's going to be a 30 minute wait on Winnie the Pooh, so I would run to get fast passes on Dumbo while he and my mother-in-law would ride the Tea Cups. No time wasted!

What my Irishman needed for strategy planning: a beer in the Irish Pub at Downtown Disney.
I'm not going to lie, Day 1 of 3 was ROUGH. They weren't getting it. They were up and down, like the rides. I was feeling the pressure to create the magic. I gave them candy, lollipops, cotton and additional forms of candy, and almost 33 stuffed animals. But we went back to the hotel early, got 12 hours of sleep (them), fought and strategized over beers (hubby and me), and with some popcorn, bushels of fruit stolen from the breakfast buffet, and revisiting the boundaries and consequences of home [hmm, kids need boundaries, who knew?], we had. a MAGICAL day. Seriously. At the end of a fight-less, meltdown-less day, hubby with one kid on his shoulders, me with the other, watching the fireworks over the castle, he looked at me as in a commercial, saw the tears in my eyes, and smiled, and asked, 
"Mickey Magic?"
I don't think it hurt that we had a lovely, air-conditioned, hour and a half lunch respite from the chaos with the royals. I think it helped define, or prolong, the pace of the day. And I was nervous we wouldn't make it to our 2:10 reservation! 

And now the rest of the moments, in pictures:

Getting our instructions from Perry's Mission Control in Epcot. Turned out to be too mature and complicated for my dudes, but the serious look on her face still cracks me up.

Making her own "Figments" at Epcot with a computer. She never wanted to leave.

We were among the first on Nemo's ride in Epcot that morning. Daddy was smart to go against the direction of the crowds headed to "Soaring."

Little girl asking Pluto to dance with her in TomorrowLand. Adorbs.
In the new "Castle Couture" shop in FantasyLand, you can get Pixie Dust sprinkled on you for free. Little girl wasn't game (good thing I canceled that Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment), but little dude was!
Four times on Buzz. FOUR TIMES!!
12 hours of sleep was all this Minnie Mouse needed for Magical Day 2.
There was a water hose feature outside of Dumbo. Cute but annoying. Magically they sell T-shirts just steps away!
New Dumbo. Like it. Like not waiting an hour and a half for it even more!
In the line for Winnie the Pooh there are toys and musical 'instruments'! Duh! Yes!
Getting this Mickey-obsessed grandparent to Disney with her grandkids before age 5: priceless!
Maybe it was the quiet solitude of meeting Ariel in her grotto that finally got my daughter into posing and interacting with characters! Worth the 15 minute wait!
Save a little Mickey Magic for Dad. This pic is actually from dinner before Day 1 at T-Rex, the Dino-themed restaurant in Downtown Disney. 
They bought it! And he loved it. 

Not enough photos for you? 

And knock it off the bucket list...

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