Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Join a [main line] mommy group already!

I've had a lot of people ask me mommy questions like how I know someone, where to get diapers, how to avoid post partum depression, how to feed their children lunch for free on a Tuesday, where they should live and whom their children should marry and, collectively, I'd like to shout:

Join a mommy group already! 

I know that the majority of my readers are already mommies, so I guess I'm blogging today for someone who may be stumbling upon my blog by Google-ing:
  • lego up my son's nose
  • flynn rider
  • explaining twitter to old people
  • If I drop my children off in the woods, does it make a sound as my tires peel away?
  • moms of multiples exchange sale
But seriously, I have described in detail how much my mommy groups have been my saving grace in Stay-at-Home-Momdom, but any level of 'working' mommy should grab one as soon as the little monkey pops out.

Here's how the thread of socialization works: 

Hubby offered position in the Philly office.
A new coworker of his is a Mom-of-Multiple.
She invites me out to a Moms of Multiples happy hour.
I join the group [Mommy group number 1]!
I get the handbook and start a playgroup for kids the same age [playgroup number 1].
One joins a music class, and I follow.
Another mommy in the music class invites me to her playgroup [playgroup number 2].
Several of those mommies are in a larger organization [Mommy group number 2].
At Mommy group number 1 meeting, I befriend another Mom-of-Multiple.
She invites me to her other larger organization [Mommy group number 3] and smaller playgroup [playgroup number 3].

I suddenly realize we are no longer utilizing our Please Touch Museum membership enough because we are too busy, so I stop talking to people I don't know.

I guess I am too chatty because I seriously have had playdates...I mean, my kids have had playdates... with virtual strangers we would meet in new classes.

Had to clear the "Stay-at-Home-Dad" one with my hubby first...whoops! He did have some hot tattoos...

Honestly, you have Post partum depression. Everybody gets it a little bit.
You need to vent. Even though you have a sweet little producer of baby's breath in your arms, life sucks and your husband is a total a$$hole.

Stop asking me how I can't leave the house without seeing someone I know and I just moved here four years ago.


Here are the ones I joined on the Main Line at one time or another:

Here are the classes I have taken on the Main Line at one time or another:
[at least, the ones I can remember]
Makin' Music
Creative Clubhouse
Swim at PSC
Swim at Belmont Hills
Wolfe Performing Arts Center
Tiger Tots at The Philadelphia Zoo 

 Go ahead, ask me for details or my opinion on which ones sucked rocked! 
twynmawrmom [at] gmail [dot] com

And, congratulations on your new little spit-up machine.

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