Thursday, January 3, 2013

Origin videos

So my mom went to her high school reunion last year and reconnected with an old friend who shared a funny story with her, so, in turn, I'm stealing it sharing it with you! 

Whenever he would ask his mother the infamous question, "where did I come from?" She would reply: 
"from the garbage can."
So when his kids started to ask the same thing, he replied the same thing. 

But as he had five kids, he started to get a little more creative, and made videos of each of their 'origins.' 

His kids (now my age), are continuing the tradition with their own children, and I just frickin' wished I had known about this when my kids were babies so I could have done the same.

This one is about the newest product at Ikea: 

The previous generations' videos, if you are a creeper like me and can appreciate the running commentary a la Mystery Science Theater 3000, can be found in the 2009 posts here.

If you still have a baby in your arms, get creative and get ON this project, because, apparently, it will be enjoyed by many generations (and non-family members) to come...

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