Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My new oldest friend

I have a new oldest friend now. 

I have a friend from when I was 15/16 that I'm in regular contact with, but I saw an old friend from high school last night, thanks to the magic of reconnecting through fb, that I've actually known since 2nd grade!

That's a lot of beautiful history together. 

It was positively glorious catching up but try cramming the last 17 years of your life into the span of two and a half hours and see what sh*tstorm develops in the part of your brain that used to house your ego.

Why is it. That everyone you went to high school with. Is either a doctor, or lawyer, or married to a doctor, or lawyer. Or they are both doctors and lawyers together raising their national champion children on organic foods?

Oh, and we have some computer science out-liers who write an app and then take six months off for an exotic vacation to Micronesia while they come up with another app.

I usually have no trouble with my ego. My mama always told me:
"Someone may be prettier than you, and someone may be smarter than you, and someone may be more talented than you, but no one will be as pretty, smart, AND talented as you."
[no wonder I'm so f**ked up]
What can I say, I had her fooled from day one.

I think this is why I like triathlon. I can always justify a "win" in either swim, bike. Run, T1, T2, age group, Athena don't have to settle with just telling everyone your finish time.

And then there's the old:
"Yeah, but does that woman biking past me with the Ironman tattoo peeking out over her shorts have TWINS??"
YOUNG twins?
Did she tour Europe?
Was she toasted by the cultural minister of Austria?
Was she in the New York Times?
Is she married to her best friend?
Can she quilt a quilt in 12 hours?

No, but she probably saves lives...
Or makes six figures...
Can keep herself from eating 46 Pringles in a seating...

This friend of mine, was not keeping score. 

She was super sweet, beautiful, successful, fashionable, loving, 
and welcomed at the bar with equally loving friends and servers.

I hate heart her.

Thank goodness, life is not a race.

And even if it was, it doesn't have to be pretty..

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