Friday, January 25, 2013

More sh** I didn't know : sick edition

While I was on my "time off" [sick upstairs]

Veggie Tales is religious-themed.

How you can help me while I'm puking, is to do the dishes.

Because there are always dishes.

And the last thing I need upon recovery is to smell more of what I just puked.

Apparently our kitchen was completely in need of reorganization and this can be accomplished by junk being dumped in multiple piles throughout the house. 

Also, by adding a sponge cage.

Moves in Candy Land are up to the players' discretion.

And candy preferences.

There's no actual reason to take down a fake little Christmas Tree.


I didn't hate Frasier, I was just too young for it before now.

And too well.

Hard-wired smoke alarms prefer to misfire at 4 am.

When you are sick.

And can't be disconnected. 


The interest in your well-being  is directly proportional to how well you are looking. It's not until you are feeling better and out in the world that people actually ask how you are doing just to make you wonder how awful you must actually still look.

There are too many photos of food on Facebook.

Nyquil [taken by me] insures the children will sleep through the night. 

Or at least, insure a morning's earful of stories from Daddy, the new night watchman.

Best insurance.


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