Wednesday, January 23, 2013

i'm doing it

I originally wrote the bulk of this post in October.
Then, signed up for the race yesterday.

I'm signing up for a Half-Ironman for 2013.
I've wanted to for the last two years.

After my last two Olympic-length tri's it was just staring at me in the face: 2 months away and only 1 1/2 hours drive. Perfect timing. But I didn't do it. 
I think that I could physically finish it, tomorrow, if I had to.
But of course, it wouldn't be pretty. At all. 
Not that it's going to be pretty next later this year...

I've always thought in my mind that the Ironman training/planning/finishing would be a 3 year cycle in my life, so if I say that I'm signing up for a Half in 2013, I'm kinda starting the clock on the Ironman. Which is also good, or maybe just inevitable, because I've also always said I wanted to do this thang before I was 40, and that's coming up in 4 years. Primarily - actually ONLY - because my neighbor in my condo building, with whom I shared our tiny gym as she was training for her first Ironman, and I was training for my second sprint, told me once,
 "Do it before you're 40, because I have physical therapy for my physical therapy."
She had just turned 40.

Doesn't mean I can't still do it before I'm 50. Or 80. Pretty sure I'm going to do it someday.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I rarely finish one project without starting another, and I have been seriously looking through the schedule for 2013 to find a race that works with my training patterns, my husband's work schedule, and any other life stuff we usually have going on.

Also needed the hubby's 'nod.' [of approval/exasperated sigh that there's nothing he can do but stay married to the crazy woman because then he can talk about said crazy wife and gain the hearts of many.]

Could be a nightmare. School schedules? Do I have to start considering that?? Maybe I should wait until they hit kindergarten and their schedule will be a lot more consistent. Well...for all I know I could be going back to an office job at that point so there's no telling about that time in our lives.

There's no telling if the 3 year cycle will prove fruitful. It could be a 2 year cycle. Knowing me, I could want to knock it out within 6 months of finishing the Half, and I end up flying to South America to find one that fits in my schedule and isn't full. I just figured, getting to know what my body could handle, and trying and failing, and giving space for life happening in between, better give myself more than a year to plan ahead.

Pretty sure it's also going to take a village to do this thing, even before the full. Hubby was on the way out the door two mornings ago and I said, "going to have to do the half in 2013." He just grinned. That's pretty much end of discussion. He doesn't question my determination. Just my methods! Which, truth be told, are quite faulty.

I didn't train enough for the half-marathon, so I suffered in recovery. For about a week. And maybe I could have shaved 5-10 minutes off my time. But I'm still glad I did it. And I know if I sign up for a 70.3 and can't fit in all my training, that I will still finish, and that's the most important thing. I'm still learning to race, and it's not necessarily my priority to race; but just to finish.

My questions / answers are [basically, my inner monologue]:

1. Why isn't the Poconos one ever filled? Is it crazy hilly? It's around a lake. I love lakes. I know they had to cancel the swim portion the first year, and so this year will be the testing ground. I'll wait and see.
Hmm. Poconos is canceled for 2013.  [They did do the swim in 2012.]

2. When does registration for Eagleman start? You know those Columbia triathletes can't be out-registered.  I used to marvel at this one almost 10.years.ago. Before it was actually an Ironman event. Can't believe I'm finally moving up the ranks to consider it.
Heard this is too tough for newbies. And yes, registration is done.

3. I don't want to fly with my bike, but what race(s) would you recommend?  
Forget it: not going far. Signed up for Delaware's Diamondman Challenge

4. Are the kids too little still? Will I be able to push them in the swing at the end of the day?
This will be at the end of the summer. It will be tough. But maybe they will start running with me. They need to be RUN anyways.

5. Aren't I enough without this? Why
I don't know. But you keep talking about it.
6. Does it have to be an Ironman brand event? Seems like there are a lot of fun Half-Iron distances out there...Quakerman is located at my fave Steelman grounds; Musselman is named for my fave food...
Nope; just try out the distance, then get picky if you survive.

7. Oh, DiamondMan is a trail run. Is that going to mess with me? 
Coach says it's actually good. Shady, less about speed...

8. Do I need a tri coach? To join a tri club? Just a buddy to race with?  
Have buddies...but a coach? I have a lead on one of those... 

9. What if I get a job or a new gig between now and then? What if the ETSY shop goes viral?
What if. So you wake up at 5 instead of 6. Or you lose the registration fee, which was half of any other Half out there... 
Nothing to it...but to do it...

It doesn't have to be pretty...


  1. It's all I can do to drag my self back and forth across the street for school pick-up, so more power to you! Good luck!

    1. Thanks, I'm going to need it! And you know, some of us aren't getting calls from the Met, so, you know...

  2. Wow! Triathlons scare me and half ironman is way beyond what I could ever imagine...

    1. Ummmmmmm.... you're one to talk!!!! Logging your miles would just about keel me...;)

  3. I think my husband has given up on trying to talk me out of anything. Now he just looks resigned and accepts that I'm stubbornly determined. And no matter when you sign up, life will be busy and it will be hard to commit to the training. So you just have to dive in (which you obviously did and I think was the right choice). :)

  4. 3) I don't want to fly with my bike, but what race(s) would you recommend?
    You do not need to fly on the bike. If you can average about 16 mph on the bike you should be fine.

    4) When you put your mind to it you start to find was to make time. Get up early, go to the gym at night, lunch time, practice with the kids, etc.

    5) It's a calling, a challenge or a mid-life crisis :-). And it is fun.

    6) NO! Some smaller event are fun an cheaper. The only issue is they are not well attended by spectators and they help out a lot. Try the Rev3 events. They are pretty big and well supported.

    7) I LOVE trail runs. Easier on the body and pretty views.

    8) NO! I've done 9 races without a coach. I am self motivated but some people want a coach so they are pushed.

    9) You will find time.


    1. LOL! Thanks so much. Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one!!

  5. Hi! I am also doing the Quakerman Half this September! I did the Olympic Plus last year, and while the run and bike are crazy hilly, I liked the course and loved the lake. I'm on the Main Line too :) See you at Lake Nox!

    1. Hi Shanna! Thanks for your comment! I'm actually doing the DiamondMan, but the Quakerman intrigues me as well!! I'll be swimming Lake Nox during the Steelman Swim in July, too. Are you bike-training around here? Email me at twynmawrmom (at) gmail (dot) com if you like!


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