Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flying with twins. Alone. On an airplane. That's two 4 -year -olds and one 30-something. Do the math.

With twins and only twins, every birthday is a milestone. 
At one, I felt that we were passed the SIDS/preemie/reflux/breastfeeding stage and were starting to be real people. 
At two, I felt that they were real people who could start to communicate and hubby and I could get away for a few days without there being a crisis every half hour.
At three, we were talking about preschool and we were almost through potty training and I was leaving the house with them and a wallet [most of the time.]
At four, well, let's give flying a try. I want to see your faces when you fly with Peter Pan and sing "It's a Small World."

You can see the story play out in the photos below, 
but I'll also write a few notes to clue myself in for next time.

I am having a love hate relationship with the stroller at this age. I was just bringing a single umbrella, for backup; to carry my bag and our drinks; to have with us at our destination. Most of the time the kids didn't actually sit in it, but had there been a delay or the airport been crowded or someone be a little tired, I couldn't have lived without it. Most of the time they were running back and forth with me to the restroom and I was pushing the stroller with our stuff and they were literally running along side me. I left it outside the bathroom stall while we three crammed into one. It was lovely. Four times over. But like I said, might've saved my shoulders a few bags...

I was crushing on the Cheetos. My kids are developing my chip addiction, so when I went to the gift shop to grab gum [major miss: twice the price of course; some woman asked to buy a stick off of me rather than buy her own pack but I just gave her one.] They took this opportunity to pick out some snacks, and I told them they could have one; and they both picked the super-size-me individual bag of Cheetos. Super messy orange fingers, but seriously; that bag lasted ALL FLIGHT. I'll take the win.

We were having an affair with the iPods from our regular lives, since before now the kids didn't know I had "extra phones" and they are only allowed to play angry birds with daddy (him) and cake doodle when we get our hair blown dry (her). I told them the surprise was coming, but only after the pilot said we were ok to take them out, so we had to be "up, up, up" and couldn't use them on the ground. So little boy kept asking me "Are we up yet?" while we were waiting our turn to take off. Um...can you not SEE that we are not UP yet? Dude. DUDE. Seriously. So instead of enjoying the fantastical experience of taking off on an airplane and watching your city vanish beneath you, he just kept turning to me and saying, "can I play with your phone yet?" But once the 'phones' DID come out, I didn't see/hear from the children except at twenty minute intervals for potty breaks and one lollipop break.

In love with eachother on the taxi ride to airport. Gotta love twins.

Big Man helping mommy push the carry-on.
Entertaining each other. Again, thank you GOD for giving me twins.

That's what I'm talking about! Big plane-fascination.

Mommy's Sun Chips + Cheetos = Healthy appetite
As Jodi Foster's character in Contact would say, "[We're] okay to go!"

"What mommy? There's a mommy on board this flight?"
And then, the pay - off ...

We'll see how the return trip goes. I still had more tricks in my bag, but on this flight the magic formula was:
 2 bags of Cheetos + 2 lollipops + 2 iPods
Happy Traveling

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  1. Okay, first of all, I'm seriously impressed with your solo flight. Every time we've flown we've always had an even 1 adult:1 kid ratio. I am scared to attempt anything else. Also, Graham must have asked us a hundred times before we took off if we were in the air yet, so that's not just your boy. Finally, good luck on the trip home! Hope it goes just as smoothly!


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