Friday, January 18, 2013

Disney terms I didn't know I should know

Yes I'm making up for missing our MK day on the DCL (that's Magic Kingdom and Disney Cruise Line to you non-Mickey-ites) and we are headed on a little excursion to the World. 

The Disney World. 

I know I'll be the best mom ever in the gyspy apocalyptic takeover, but as for my Disney mom status, I'm already failing.

I'm learning through the Forums...which maybe I should have started following a year ago...or 6 months before having children... because I've never felt more out of it! There's no real way to get indoctrinated slowly! 

MSEP:  Main Street Electrical Parade. Since I grew up in Florida, we only always went for the day, and were gone by any light show spectaculars. Also, I'm pretty sure they didn't exist back in the day, or at least that may be what my parents told me...will I make it to one? I can't say my experience MUST include never did in my 18 years of Floridian childhood!

DVC: Disney Vacation Club (members.) I guess I could have figured this one out, but it stumped me. Do they even need an acronym since they have a homing instinct towards all the right lines, shuttles, rides, and food??

DAK: Disney Animal Kingdom. Seriously, this didn't exist before. I remember when Epcot was born. I'm supposed to know about its long lost little brother?? Yes, it's male. It's an animal.

How am I supposed to respond to a person whose post-signature lists their trips so:

CBR 4/00, YC 12/02, ASSp 6/05, AKL/BWI 12/06, ASSP/POFQ 6/07, POFQ/AKL 12/08, PCC 1 5/09, Dolphin/POP 2.0 12/09, POFQ/BCV 04/10, PCC 2.0 12/10, POR 12/11, ABD BSM 7/12 PCC 4.0 12/12

That's quite a resume. I will listen to you. But only about PCC or POFQ. Not about DAK or PVC. [just trying to throw you with that last one.] 

If someone can translate this one in its entirety, you'll surely be FOTL for an ODP from YT.
[yours truly. Look, I can make one up, too.] 

P&PD we arrive safely!

And if you are a better mom than me and already knew them all, then you know this site of abbreviations. 

And if you are a better mom than me and have older children who have a penchant for hoarding, then you already know this special list of pin trader abbreviations.  


  1. Hmmm...sounds like Disney peeps love to confuse people to make things sound complicated...I prefer simple.
    MK, AK, DHS, and Epcot!

    Those other abbrev? Mostly hotels. :)

  2. the whole world is turning into an acronym. I need a pocket guide.


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