Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Am I the last mommy standing?

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one doing this all by myself.

I'm sure I'm wrong; I almost always am, but if you're with me, doesn't it feel like, sometimes,

you're all alone??

I do not have a cleaning lady. Am I the last one? I understand my house is a disaster and I only do the floors before guests come over (and bathrooms 3 & 4 for that matter), but wasn't I hired as "housewife"? Well, no, that wasn't my original job description, but when the twyns were brought into the company I was, shall we say, the victim of 'reorganization.' Said reorganization did bring me to a job where I can wear my jammies all day long and sing songs, so I can't whine about that.

I do not have a regular sitter. Am I the last one? I actually greatly benefited from one last year during my gig at Motherhood: the Musical; but that was only because my salary went directly towards said sitter and I was relying on her should I actually be called for a Wednesday matinee. Which, thankfully, after the first four weeks of the show opening, happened only one other time throughout the nine month run. Now that we have preschool, and the cost of preschool, I can't really justify this expenditure again. My poor favorite sitter now has a full-time 'real' job and gets booked a month ahead of time by me for occasional date nights. I can't quit her! The kids absolutely adore her and I'm no longer on sittercity.com like it's my own personal hiring facebook. So because I did once enjoy this luxury, I can't complain.

Hubby does not do dishes. Bless his little heart.  I do have a friend whose husband does them after she goes to bed at night, but I cannot rely on this. Sometimes hubby is not home, and therefore there are no real 'adult' dishes to do [especially considering on these occasions I tend to eat the kids' leftovers off their plate as dinner] [oh, you don't?]...sometimes I just can't rest unless they are done and the dishwasher is a 'runnin as I leave the kitchen in which I live and breathe. Which makes me think of the previous generations of moms who had no dishwashers to finish the job...bless their little hearts! I should stop complaining.

I don't do dry cleaning or fluff n fold. Ah to relive my single days when it worked out to be almost as cheap to do fluff n fold rather than sit in a ratty laundromat for hours. Sure, occasionally I got a wayward pair of panties, but they were always high end panties, so who am I to judge? Seems like my life was looking up to my fluff n fold ladies.  But now...I do about six loads of laundry a week. I like to start on Monday, and sometimes, lo and behold, I finish on Monday. But usually, it takes me until Wednesday night or Thursday night or even Friday night to get everything folded and put away. But I refuse to do laundry on weekends. I like the weekends 'off', so I see Monday through Friday as my work week. This works out fabulously until it really takes me all of five days to get around to washing, drying, folding, and putting away the laundry in the midst of other 'projects' and then I'm like, "why don't I just do one complete load a day?" But I cannot abide. It's a mental thing.

I had a mommy friend who estimated she spent about $400 per month on dry cleaning. WHAT. I can think of a lot of things I'd rather spend $400 a month on. For instance, unlimited personal training so that I can fit into the cheap clothes at Target that don't require dry cleaning. Do we really need to be wearing Prada to the Please Touch Museum? Just sayin'. 

Then there are the ladies who do all the above and are 'working' full-time outside the home...but I must say...your home does not get as much use as mine...but all things being equal, I know, I know, can't get really expect any sympathy there....

And the blog...I mean, I have not paid for one lick of design, button, or layout work...[I know, I know, it shows...]. But seriously, does being at home not help to afford me the time to learn these new skills so that when I head back to the workforce I'm armed with something 2000-y? I know, I know, I have people skills...I have my winning wit...I can't argue with that...

But am I wrong? Am I all alone in this world of do-it-ALL-yourself-ers?

Nope! You're not alone! 
We're all just makin' it happen every day! 
Rain or shine! 
In sickness or in health!
Til death from laundry do us part 
from this world of medieval housewifery!

Sing it, sisters.


  1. If you're alone, I'm with you. I finally got all of my personal laundry put away 2 weeks ago. The one basket had been sitting there since October, I kid you not. I routinely wonder how my mother did it all and made it look effortless.

    1. Yay! I'm not alone!! :) October! I hear ya!!

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