Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adult Bullies

I'm just now realizing I've been the recent victim of adult bullying. 

It's sometimes rather sneaky, and often times masked in humor. 

But it still gets to you...even if it takes a few days..or even months to realize you were the butt of  the joke. 

I might as well have gotten an actual wedgie in front of the whole room! And I didn't even realize it!!

Well, I'm completely sick of that sh**.

I'd much rather be stuck in my version of hell, which is a room of 250 female non-equity auditionees hiking up their sluttiest attire, spraying hair, perfume, and flat high C's up in my face. 

At least when one of those girls shot you an intimidating look, you knew what they wanted to do to you: psych you out of the audition room. [Only, you are not tone deaf.]

But adult bullies...they are just like kid bullies!! They are usually insecure in their jobs, lifestyles, maybe even their marriages...and they want to bring you right down with them. Or lift themselves up over you.

I can hear Nelson's "Ha Heh" echoing around my skull right now. 

There is the person at work who somehow manages to throw that task right back at you...even though historically it was in their department, and as of late, you revealed how they may be failing to execute it properly. They respond by manipulating up and down the line of hierarchy to somehow get it back to you. 

And are you going to be the chump who just does it, because you can? 

It ain't right. 

There is the mommy who pokes fun at your wayward children, maybe makes a loud snide comment to her friend about their mismatched clothes [they chose them], untamed hair [they play hard], and loud chatter [they are future opera singers.]

Are you going to laugh at your own children along with them, because you can? 

It. ain't. right!

Mass media and cyber bullying. There's the case of Aaron Swartz, an innovator in all-things-Interweb who took his own life at 26 after being, what may as well be called, bullied by federal prosecuters. And look at Jodie Foster. People are most afraid of what they don't understand. It makes them afraid of what they are not, or maybe even, what they are.

Not right.

And then's there the gym. That person who has to elbow you out for the best spot in class, do all the extra hard moves the teacher offers, and run straight to the treadmill afterwards while you are stumbling out the door, grasping at your chest to make sure your heart did not fall out of its pocket? 

Well actually that's just a very athletically competitive person. I don't take that sh** personally.

I post my times - I'm not shy about it - I'm not winning any races. You can have the best spot in class. 

Just don't hate on my jiggle. 

That's one thing, I know I got right.

[f**k you, bullies.]


  1. The currently popular phrase, "it's not about you," has a lot of meaning here. After getting past the pain that the bullying causes, if you can get to realize that it's all about them, as you've said above, sometimes.... it eases the pain. But, it really sucks!

  2. i love your jiggle. i bet your kids do too. my kids love my jiggle. (i hate my jiggle though).

  3. I've come to accept that no matter what age I'm dealing with, some people can only build themselves up by putting others down.


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