Sunday, December 23, 2012

The little christmas tree

We have a little Christmas tree.

In over 10 years of living in apartments, 
we never broke down and got a fake little apartment tree.

In less than 10 days of living in the temporary apartment, and with my 'condition', hubby tried to cheer me up by getting one and setting it up. 
Less than 4 days later, the babies came.
Here I am in my "maternity Christmas pj's", which were, apparently, never necessary.

[Although, truth be told, the belly was still grateful to have the extra space]
So we had our little Christmas at "home", 
then drove to the NICU to "celebrate" with the babies.

Who, less than 4 years later, have come to call it their own.

Do you have a "second" or "little" Christmas tree?

Isn't it sweet?
Merry [little] Christmas! 


  1. So sweet! I've thought about getting little trees to put in the girls' rooms, but just never got around to it. They'd love it. Merry Christmas!

  2. For years, I had a red & gold Christmas tree that I put up. The first year Mike & I were married, I didn't want to ruin my themed tree, so we bought him a little artificial tree for his childhood ornaments. Our second year together, I relented and allowed his ornaments onto the tree, but we now use our little tree for the kids. Makes them feel special and keeps them from fooling around with the big tree so it's a win all around. Merry Christmas to the four of you!

    1. You too! Can't wait to play later this week!


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