Saturday, December 29, 2012

Take this quiz if you are on the fence about becoming a Stay at Home Mom

Our plan was for me to stay at home "for a year or two" after we had our second child.

And then it was twins! So I was thrust into stay-at-home-motherhood. 

Financially: it made the best sense. Emotionally: it was always my plan.  Career-wise: which career was that now?

It is different. Very. Every family is different, and my motto is: what's good for mommy, is what's good for the kids. You have to show them what happy is.

So whatever your plans are, and whatever changes those plans, take this quiz if you find yourself in the question mark stage: 

1. You have been in your dream job for: 
a) 2 months
b) 2 years
c) 5 years or more
d) I'm due in 6 weeks, so (-) 6 weeks.
e) never

2. You have cared for children in the past: 
a) in the family, with relatives
b) as a sitter in my teens
c) whenever I can get my hands on one!
d) nanny for years
e) never

3. The cleaning/cooking/laundry in my household is currently done by:
a) me, and only me
b) less me, more my partner
c) we share every household responsibility
d) we eat out most of the time & we have a cleaning person
e) oh, am I supposed to do something like that?

4. In my current job, I work with: 
a) children/students
b) no one
c) lots of different people 
d) one other person
e) my belly button [technically unemployed]

5. In my free time, I like to: 
a) work out
b) shop
c) do my hobby
d) chill
e) wrestle monkeys

6. Financially, my job accounts for: 
a) 100% of our family income
b) 50-99%
c) <50%
d) what income?
e) after daycare, less than minimum wage

To calculate:
1. a =3 ; b=2 ; c=2 ; d=5; e=4
2. a=3 ; b=3 ; c=5 ; d=5 ; e=1
3. a=5 ; b=1 ; c=3; d=1 ; e=1
4. a=5 ; b=1 ; c=3 ; d=2 ; e=4
5. a=3 ; b=1; c=2 ; d=1 ; e=5
6. a=1 ; b=3; c=4; d=5 ; e=5

Points system: 
25+ : You will enjoy being a SAHM more than anything else.
19-24:  You would flourish with a pre-determined amount of time home with your kids.
13-18: You will love the time you have with your children that much more because you find a lot of fulfillment at work most days.
7-12: Prob not stay at home.
0-6: Why are you having children again?  

Take it a couple of times! 

And if you're still questioning the results, you probably already know the answer in your heart.

For fun, I took the quiz twice. First, trying to remember my mindset before Disney Junior entered my life, and after. Here are my answers & results:

1. c                1. d
2. d               2. c
3. e                3. a
4. c                4. a
5. c                5. a
6. e                6. c

18 [stay at work] versus 27 [SAHM is my calling]

I think the lesson I'm trying to impart is that you need to be aware that it gets lonely, tiring, Cinderella-ish, and it's severely lacking in a tangible or monetary reward system.  If you can maintain your knowledge of self and presence of mind through all of that, you're good.

If you are already in a job that teaches you this lesson, then send me the link to your blog! ;)

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