Sunday, December 9, 2012

Part 3: Diaper Party

So where was I in my story

Ah yes, installed in the company's temporary apartment. Walking distance to corporate headquarters in D.C., but hubby was still in Philly Monday through Thursday.

No Internet. No Cable. $100 Mattress. Clearly, no one ever really stayed here.

Grandmothers-to-be were taking their weekly turns, sleeping on the couch.

Am not even supposed to get up to fix myself a sandwich.
"Can I sew?" I tentatively ask the Perinatologist.
"Are you sitting when you're doing it?" 
I nod. Again, tentatively. Not knowing if that means yes or no.
"Then yes."
Amidst the chaos I managed to save the fabrics I wanted to use for my babies' quilts. How could I make quilts for every other new baby in the world except my own? But with Christmas projects and the move, I didn't manage to get any progress done on them. But I still had many weeks, right?

MANY. WEEKS. Right?!!?

What if I get put on bedrest in the hospital. This is the last resort for the doctors and the patients. I had already heard horror stories about no Wifi, peeing in a pan, hospital food, and running out of magazines to read. 

I certainly wouldn't be able to get on my sewing machine there. And my carpel tunnel was flaring up worse than ever so any other craft would be out of the question. There are certainly worse problems, but this was my comfort. My anti-anxiety medication. Still is.

The good news: bedrest was working. For Baby A, at least. Baby A was measuring over 1 pound, finally. In a succession of three appointments, we went from "Yay! Baby A is growing!" to "But Baby A has low fluid" to "And Baby B has too much fluid" and...something was happening to my body that was preparing me for labor. I'll spare you those details. I was at the Perinatologist at a minimum of twice a week, so I'm trying to remember where I was somewhere between 27-28 weeks here.

Not knowing what was working and what wasn't, I was still scared. Scared to move, scared to pee, lacking cable and lacking internet,  I lay in bed and watch the only thing that relaxes me: Blue Planet DVD's. I love nature videos; and particularly, underwater nature videos. This was a relatively new release [2001? for 2008? new, right?] and David Attenborough was the narrator. His voice is very soothing to me. My babies are certain to be oceanographers. Or oceanic real estate developers (this is the next thing, trust me.)

To work, which was processing some paper applications for my university job, I had to wobble down the hallway to the common area, where there was wifi. I'd prop myself up on a couch with many pillows, looking dapper in my slippers and maternity sweats. 

Hubby got the boss to work up the cable service, the internet, and a new mattress. Took a few days, and a promise that my water would not break on the company mattress, but he got it done. 

And then, a knock at the door. My mother-in-law was on duty, so she promptly opened it. 
"What is thi-? Oh. ASHLEY! It's for YOU!"
Why is she making me get up off my fat a$$.

I hobble over to the door and open it to see a MOUNTAIN of diapers in the hallway. And hear some snickers.

"HAPPY BABY SHOWER!! Because you couldn't come in to the office, 
My two fave coworkers, bringing over 500+ diapers to me, in a carefully calculated proportion of sizes (everyone should have a Jenny.) Which actually lasted us 5! months! until we had to spend a dime on diapers.

[I must really love you blog-followers-of-mine, to post this pic]
[To quote one of my fave bloggers]  
This was the best. day. of bedrest. EVER!! 

A very good day, delivered by very good, and dear friends.

A much needed good day.

Go friends.

Go meatloaf.

Go Baby A.


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