Monday, December 3, 2012

31 - 2 = Ironman

So I'm 3 days and 2 workouts into my 31 days of December plan.

I did a nice treadmill run the first day, and then eeked out a P90X video last night in my new basement! That was actually not that bad. 

Although late night workouts are not good for me. I stayed up until 1 am. 

High on life!

That feeling'll kill me someday for sure.

Well I also had a record *7* orders to fill last night in my ETSY shop! That was kinda exciting! 

I like to keep busy.

So, to add some more flavor to our lives, I'm going to keep on keepin' on and head to the Media Theatre auditions tonight for Mame. I'm such a smokey dame, I should totally nail it.

Now, what to sing, what to sing...

[I'm so well prepared it's scary]

Andrea McArdle is going to be the lead, so they are looking for her understudy, amongst other things, and well, I play a pretty mean understudy. I actually dig the rush of running in and saving the day! I'm ever only going to get 95% of my lines and movements right anyways, so it's nice to have an excuse. 

So where was I? OH! The POINT of this post is that I realized: 

31 workouts x 30 minutes is only 15 1/2 hours!!  

That's an Ironman.

Or at least, that's what I would hope to finish my Ironman in someday. 

The pro's finish in, oh say, 8 hours??

I usually like to double that. 
Then prick it with a fork. 


So maybe this will help me stay motivated this month...especially if I try to incorporate the distances of each discipline in my workouts and end up, at the end of the month: 
  • swimming 2.4 miles
  • biking 112 miles
  • running 26.2 miles
[now... how many miles does an audition count for? 
I will be sweating my a$$ off for at least 30 mins...]
If I could accomplish this in a month now, maybe in a few months try to do it in 2 weeks, and then in 1 week...and so on and on until I actually DO the IRONMAN someday? 


Just thinkin'.

Now back to that audition...

What the eff am I going to wear?? I finally sent the leopard print leggings on to my 24-year-old broke NYC actress friend just when I could finally use them!!

the two of us in sunnier days


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