Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 best excuses for not working out during the holidays

I'm 19 workouts into the 31 days of December,'s December 28th.

Holiday, much??

Not looking like I'm going to reach my goal...

Unless I drag the kids through the snow for 4 hours...make that...6 hours...

  [I used to be good at math before the twyns sucked my brain out through a straw]

But that twin sled is not THAT cute.

Here are some sentiments that may/not have held me back this month: 

1. The egg nog has a plan for me. I cannot stray from the nog's plan.

2. Wrapping counts, right?

3. I'm sure the kids'll let me run on the treadmill later while they quietly play in a parallel universe.

4. Oh, my workout buddy's kid is sick; she'll be so behind and I don't want to demotivate her.

5. What will I blog about if this is easy?

6. Hubby is having a cardiac next to me; don't want him to go full stroke so better stop the video.

7. But I must have my glass of wine during all Bachelor/Bachelorette-related programming, and Ashley and J.P. are getting married!! Duh.

8. There must be some christmas craft I was working on...

9. All of this holiday drinking is messing with my sleep cycle. Better hold off on the drinking working out.
10. The anxiety of living up to other mommies posting about their Elf adventures is debilitating.

 [uh mah gah did you see Dexter Elf in the Inappropriate Elf Contest? I died.]


  1. Ha! This so sounds like me. I was doing really well until we traveled. I even worked out on vacation! But since being home, I want to do nothing but lay around. I really need to get back into my workout routine! And clean my house. Sigh.

  2. Love this, especially #7! :)


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