Friday, November 30, 2012

The Worst or Best Santa photo ever

I really don't know why we haven't gotten syndication on this one yet.

I have twins, remember?

Sorry. Twyns.

Ha. When I wrote that, auto-correct made it Tetons.

I wish I had Tetons! I've never been out West, really.


Anyways, they tend to egg each other on...their moods can be easily misdirected in nanoseconds... I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

First Christmas: We got an early Christmas present. Or two. *Two* little Christmas miracles. We spent the majority of our day [and night] at the NICU.

Second Christmas: blissfully ignorant.

I've discussed this one before. [tights for boys? ETSY, much?]

Third Christmas: My mother-in-law is actually partly to blame. She and I were determined to get the photo, even though the kids were still super tired from their birthday party the day before. Daddy was parking the car and was nowhere to be found [this was the weekend before Christmas at the Mall, after all...] The kids were freaking out. She suggested just sticking them in Santa's lap anyways. So this happened.

Yes, I bought the pic. I'm all about photo documentation so as to destroy any future wistful nostalgia. 

I'll give you a minute to scroll up and check out that photo again. It's a winner.

Fourth Christmas: the little girl wasn't having it. She remembered traumas past.
Little boy actually gave us a repeat performance of this for Easter.

He's such a mama's good boy.

And now, on my Fifth Christmas as a parent, amazingly, or as some may say, miraculously, this occurred yesterday:

Santa Success!

This guy was actually into talking to the kids and asking them what they wanted, etc, rather than just snapping a photo.

I love [this] Santa. 

Happy Photo-Days!

[go ahead and scroll back up. It's a keeper.]

[Oh - is it the BEST, or the WORST?]

[I meant to ask that to elicit comments.]




  1. I love the 2010 photo. That's kinda how most days are. I'm so glad you got it on film.

  2. I agree with Alaina - Your 2010 photo is one of my all-time favorite Santa photos. Glad you finally got a good one though!


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