Saturday, November 24, 2012

Suspended Animation

Why is it.

That when you are vacuuming.

If there are other people in the room,

they just kind of stare at you, mesmerized by the whirring of the vacuum, completely incapable of moving an inch, much less, moving a chair?

And why

when you are pulling out say, a turkey, from the fridge,

or putting say, a turkey, into the oven,

the same mesmerized frozen-in-time effect is felt throughout the immediate vicinity of said event?

This goes double for when

you and a co-customer are each merrily pushing your grocery carts down the aisle until,

a clerk is stuck in the middle of you, re-stocking a shelf, and blocking half the aisle?

No one can move.

Who is going to go first. 

Was that my latte, or yours? 

Why don't we just. SPEAK. to each other. 

Does this phenomenon happen in the animal kingdom as well? 

Do birds watch other birds furiously feather their nests, and just sit on a nearby fence, completely immobile, eyes bugged out, wings stiff, breath frozen, brains clear? 

Oh. Maybe this is where the term birdbrain comes from.

Or maybe where bird watching came from.

Anywhoo, quit. it.

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