Friday, November 16, 2012

Surprise! Women are verbal.

I'm sorry to go on about a 10 year old movie [ok 3], but I finished Julie & Julia and this may be my new favorite movie.

And the previous owner of that title has not been unseated since...

when was Tootsie made?

[It's Tootsie.]

Meryl Streep. My. I want her life. No. I want her talent.

It is a Nora Ephron masterpiece - as is her formula - juxtaposing seemingly different lives against and with each other. The world will not be the same without Nora Ephron.

It just means so much - about setting arbitrary goals for yourself that help to guide your passion -

To hold steadfast to your ideas and desires -

To have a wonderful husband who is a Saint but doesn't want to be-

To write out all the goo in your head - 

Speaking of reading and writing, my first CraftFail post is up! Go see it here!

There was even a little moment of infertility struggle - so lovingly set- so real. So subtle.

I'm lacking in so much adult content these days- and even when the hubby and I watch a movie it is so rare to really rock our worlds with meaning - so it was nice to have a good old fashioned tear-jerking - belly - laughing - self- realization/actualization movie to cling to for a morning. 

Or two. 

You know, a chic flick.

Speaking of chicks, I have to mention this amazing product / demo I came across: "Goldieblox." A female engineer was lacking in building toys growing up, and wanted to make some that weren't just pink versions of boy toys. She says in her testimonial that she realized in her research, boys prefer building and girls prefer reading. So, in order to encourage spatial thinking among girls, she combined her building system pieces with a story! 

Of course, I pre-ordered a set for my daughter. It was order #4228, and this woman needs 5000 to make a first pressing. Fun to be a part of something like this, and to follow someone who is trying to get our girls to think 'outside the blox.' 

I do agree, in watching my boy-girl twins, that she would be the one choosing reading at night, while he would love to build with his Magna-tiles into the twilight if we let him. By the way, another great product [and they actually both love them]!
Oh, I didn't start out this post thinking it would qualify as a "Fun for Friday" one, but I guess it did in a way! 

Happy Friday!


  1. Hmmm... but what makes Legos, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, or whatever other engineering toys "boy" toys? I hate the whole "make it pink and then it's for girls" idea, but I disagree that those toys are boy toys originally.

    1. I agree- it's hard to discuss without segregating them out - but that's what this engineer was discovering - that you still have to appeal to girls in a different way, with a different kind of building toy, not just in different colors. She's saying it's the synergy of her product and book that will draw the girls in, not just the colors. And girls are not as attracted to building toys in general, so that makes the marketers target the boys, and it's a vicious cycle!


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