Sunday, November 11, 2012

sUn-edited: A little deflated

I just got kicked off the basement job.

[Yay me!]

Except, it totally f'n PISSES me OFF. 

We are painting, half in prep for hosting Thanksgiving, half continuing our goal of redo-ing each floor in our house in succession. Third year = basement. Hubby just finished the floors yesterday. He started last December. He didn't charge us by the hour, so we can afford his careful, precise ways [mixed in with large absences every quarter]

But after tirelessly sanding, cleaning, and painting trim and closet doors from indigo blue to a cool fig with fancy paint that has built-in primer, I'm pulled. Rookie out. 

Hubby laughs at my paint brush. With the bristles flayed, the handle gooped up with dried paint, the pellets of speckle-ness emanating from it onto the closet doors in this final coat.

I can't help it that I do things the quick & dirty way. 

And my first excuse, is that I'm trying to avoid the carpel tunnel from recurring that I developed after the last time we bought a property and I proceeded to take on all the trim. [cuz I'm shorter?]

So yeah, I paint in a lot of different strokes and try to avoid injury.

It's just that...I know it's not just that. I hate being so careless. I hate doing things last minute, showing up late, throwing lunch together, using ingredients that are close but not exactly half of what I should be, watching my weight 6 5 days of week and giving up on the 7th 6th and 7th, giving gifts that could have been sewn more precisely, wearing the perfect outfit but not having the right boots or belt or matching earrings to the necklace or eyeliner and no mascara or mascara and no eyeshadow or old makeup sponge and no lotion or lotion but no toner or toner but no cotton ball or time for a coffee but no time for gas before it gets empty. 

Why am I like this?

I come from a long line of Singer-sloperators.

You know that convo I had at Steve's Sewing about my Singer sewing machine? Well my grandmother was a professional seamstress, and of course made me whatever my little heart desired for the first 16 years of my life. My mom is also a Singer user. We put it together whatever way we can. And apparently, although I never knew it as a child, grandma coined the term for herself: sloperator.

Oh if you had only told me this sooner! 

I could have gone into demolition.

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