Friday, November 2, 2012

Philly area Shop Hop : Fall Fabric Frenzy!

I drive like I quilt, so I was able to make it to 5 of 10 of the local area shops who were participating in this year's Shop Hop: Fall Fabric Frenzy before having to pick up the kids at 2 PM today! [with 2 whole minutes to spare] [I had originally only planned on hitting 3 today!]

Yes, I put the kids in extended day today so that I could indulge in fabric shopping. 

Yes, I was a little more than excited.

Yes, I was so excited that I forgot this was a good opportunity to photo-journal and blog about the experience, so I forgot to take pics at the first shop. Oops! [typical twynmawrmom]

Generations Quilt Shop, Pottstown, PA 
Started out my journey here. They showed me the shop-hop quilt of the year and I started to understand: at every shop I visit on the tour, I get a block pattern that is featured in the Shop - Hop Quilt of that year; if I visit all the shops [with my $5 Shop Hop passport], I get all the block patterns so that I can make the complete quilt.  Also,  all the shops have already made this quilt. I see. So not only am I just using this as an excuse to treat myself to a fabric shop tour of the area, but also, will have an opportunity to view the different takes on one quilt pattern, and get a chance to do it myself. Got it. [except when do I use patterns, but that's my problem...]

Also - there are daily giveaways and a grand prize raffle if you visit all the stores in the 4-day period. 
It's like the QUILTER'S LOTTERY. 
[well, maybe, Quilter's Bingo, at least]

Such a small space - just like they advertised - but so chock full of goodies! And look how they folded up my take-home: 

I love the one with the map of Paris. I don't have it in mind for anything in particular; but as you know, my mantra is: 

They mentioned that one of the quilt shops in Bucks County was not going to be able to open today, due to effects of the storm, so I made a mental note to do a separate Bucks County day. I had already thought about doing a couple of shops with my daughter this weekend. She needs to be further indoctrinated.

Chester County Quilting, Phoenixville, PA
I arrived here and was a little more relaxed, starting to realize that I should get to know these shops, not just scour the racks for great prints. So, I actually did the most damage here. I decided to focus on my 'superheroes for girls' line, and look for stars-on-stars and solid patterns for my designs. 

Not a very good pic of Shop Hop #2 : sorry!
You know I started the ETSY shop, featuring superhero panties for girls, but I've also been recruited to sell on, which is focused on selling items that empower young girls. So they asked me to create some superhero-girl-themed items, and I've got a few ideas. Now if I didn't spend all my time shopping rather than actually creating... I'd be able to show you some! 

The Quilt Block, Exton, PA
On the other side of a boring strip mall parking lot is such a cute surprise of a house called the Quilt Block! Great selection - very organized - more set up to give you project inspiration and instruction, rather than to be overwhelmed by a big room of bolts. 

The lady was lovely and when I told her my name she said, 
"oh. that's my daughter's name. She's a pistol." 
"I am too."
"She's into theater." 
"Funny you should say that..." 
So obviously, we got to chatting, and I made a vow to come back as soon as possible. I have some mommy friends further out west, so Exton is not actually that out of reach.
I got some cute Peacock-themed fabrics here as well, which is a little off topic, but I can't resist a little gold in the pattern.  

Shop Hop #3 : reflects a more modern color approach
I had a lot of coffee today [can you tell?], so I got to see how super cute and quilty even their bathroom was: 

yes I took a picture of the bathroom
Here's where I started to get a little frantic. Some may say, in a frenzy. I had about 2 1/2 hours before I had to pick up the kids, so I could attempt to hit another duo of stores on the Western side of the circle. So glad I did! It was some beautiful driving, and I may not have attempted it over the weekend, and would have missed out on completing the 10-shop tour. Now I think I have a good chance of hitting the rest of the shops, as they are closer to home.
PA is soooo pretty. No really, it is. I'm not being my usual, sarcastic self. As mentioned above, I'm saturated in caffeine.

Roundabout Quilting, Kennett Square, PA

Roundabout was located in a gorgeous old house with many nooks and crannies, all filled with inspirational fabrics. It didn't feel filled, though, because the ceilings were high and the rooms spacious. 
This might have been my favorite location, and I was sad I was already running out of time and battery life on my phone to take more pictures. I took a picture of an entire bay window filled with batiks and hand-dyed fabrics, before I realized that the entire room was filled with them: 

Strangely I did not see any cute fabrics featuring stars, but did find a lot of great polka dots. Can't go wrong with polka dots. This looked like a great place to also browse a lot of great books!
Shop Hop #4 : Christmas-themed

Quilter's Corner, Chadds Ford, PA
Oh I so desperately wish I had had more time to peruse this shop! I didn't realize how far I was from home, and had to take the most direct route and scribble on a scrap of paper where I was going since my GPS was located in my phone battery and wanted to snap that last photo of their shop hop quilt! So I did! 
Shop Hop #5
And they were very gracious with snacks and water, of which I could not partake! They stamped my passport for the Shop Hop, gave me my block pattern, and I was on my way. They had a lot of room, a long arm getting some exercise in the back, and a lot of community involvement, it seems. Gotta go back sometime soon. This is actually very convenient to me if I was headed out to Linvilla or Longwood Gardens with the kids!

Phew. I made it. I'll keep you posted on the rest of the Hop, as it ends on Monday. And I'm posting this now so that you can participate if you like! [call me, you know I want to go with you!]

 Fabrics aren't just for quilters, you know!!


  1. Hmmm... I wonder how early I could get up there on Monday to hit a shop with you! Probably not early enough. Maybe next year. :-)

    1. Yes, please! I miss my quilting partner!!


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