Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No. No. NO. That's not how you sell.

Customer service is real people.

It's real. And it's about people. 

I think I have actually been working in customer service my whole life.

Pizza girl
Exec Asst
College Admissions/Recruiter

And now? I'm in the ULTIMATE customer service role. Jeez, louise. Can these kids get it any better? Fast, efficient, top tier service in the zenith of luxury resorts : their own. Bitches.

That's right, I said bitches.

Sometimes, customers are bitches. You can say whatever you want about them in the walk-in freezer [pizza joint], but you still have to serve them. 

I can't really disclose too many details, but I was working with someone very recently who, basically, failed customer service 101: make the customer wait for the product and/or put the onus on the customer to secure the process by which they receive said product. Hello?

If you owned a store that sold your own goods, would you not walk them to the product they desire, and teach them how to check out/purchase said good?

And hey...just curious...if this customer is one of only a few in the store, would you not make sure they walked out of the store with exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it?? Is this not VERY possible?!?

Doing business online, customers get SUPER bitchy.

But guess what? We live in the walk-in freezer. We can curse, wave our arms, kick a door...and still make the sale go smoothly.

I have experienced eBay on both sides...craigslist on both sides...and a few other merchants from both sides..and I gotta say: customers forget you are a real person, too.

But ETSY....ah....ETSY...

It's like being in a super luxury mall where everything is carefully handmade, the sellers want to share all their hearts' desires and best practices with each other, and buyers just walk around, dream up products, and when it is presented to them, they just click on it and buy.

My conversations with prospective buyers come on an app in the form of text messages.

When I make a sale, my phone makes a "CHA-CHING" noise, anywhere...

I luurve the cha-ching. Of course I would. Why wouldn't Etsy want me to love the sound to motivate me to use the app to motivate me to make the sale to motivate me to make a good that is attractive to buyers? Smart! Good business. Good customer service, when your sellers are the customers, too.

I can conduct business like I've never conducted business.

And even though I'm never in verbal contact with anyone, least of all ETSY, I feel it's the best customer service I've ever received as a member, and given as a seller.

It could not. be. any. easier.

And yet! I had never bought anything off of ETSY. I've been missing out!

And so my friends, as you drool in anticipation over Black Friday ... and prepare for Cyber Monday ... consider your local, small businesses...and remember...they exist online, too! 

And please - for the love of all things - do NOT shop on Thursday. IS NOTHING SACRED??? I can't believe they are starting this sh**.

This weekend enjoy free shipping at my shop by using the code SUPERTHANKS


  1. i love my etsy shop too! especially this time of year! :)

  2. never been to etsy! believe it or not .... will try. any tips?

    1. Oh my goodness! It's cute. There are 'circles' you can join so you see what other people are shopping for, and 'treasuries' to see other peoples' favorites in a list. It's like any other marketplace- you can just enter your search words and something will come up. And ETSY's homepage would give you gift suggestions. I just bought my first item - a hand made return address stamp for my holiday cards!! And find me! twynmawr mom of course! :)


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