Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Muse - ing

The little guy is still not himself today. 
So I haven't been able to get anything done this week - not bills, not laundry, not dishes, and not a post about the election of 2000 [coming, I promise], and not ... design.

But, I'm feeling this girl a lot lately...

Kelly Rae Roberts: Possibilitarian
She was a high school friend of mine and I've been reading her blog for a long time but it just wasn't hitting me in the right time of life until... now...funny that I became a parent before her, and she realized her artistry was worth something before me...because I never really explored my own true self until having to watch it be reflected in two little monkeys.

I always thought of myself as an artist...

but I guess I'm realizing that...

I don't have to make money doing what I love... but that...

I can make money doing what I love...

And both is ok.

I guess what I didn't realize before becoming a mom is that I love creating - not just performing and sewing and songwriting and music-making - but just - creating something.

So for the next few preschool drop-offs where it's possible, after the little guy starts springing off the couch - and chairs - and walls - like usual, I've promised myself to let go of tri season and running to the gym - and just step into my sewing area as if I'm at my little studio in Portland, OR [fantasizing I'm Kelly Rae], and try to create something out of fabric. Maybe it won't work. Maybe it will.

Maybe letting my brain fly will help me to focus more on the kids when I'm with the kids, rather than rushing past my sewing area and staring at it with regret.

On the other hand, rushing past it as I'm chasing my children is a big part of what inspires me.

hmmmm. thinking.

On a semi-related note, I've actually been invited to write copy for a website,, [first post will go live next week] and the thought occurs to me that I could work on the web after the kids go to school. This is intriguing and inspiring as well. My skills are developing anew - business has changed so much even in the last 4 years - and my schedule is already pre-prioritized, even five years down the road.

hmmmmmm. thinking.

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  1. Sorry C's still not back to himself!!! Hopefully he'll be there soon.


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