Monday, November 12, 2012

Minky you minx

If you start me up, I'll never stop. 
I start quilting season and many times, I don't stop. Especially if I don't have any specific projects in the cue; then I just make sh** up.

OH - and I WON at the shop hop! Ok, it wasn't the Bernina. But I won the Quilter's Dream Batting!! That's a lot of quilts I need to make. That certainly paid for my indulgences  

[or partly. shhhhh.]

So I started with a friend who had a baby girl recently. As part of one of my mom's groups [Lower Merion Mom's Connection], we sign up to make meals for the family in the weeks following the birth. This is also a good opportunity to deliver a little quilt! 

I thought this particular mommy would like the style of this Amy Butler print, so I just wanted to showcase it as much as possible. Professional quilters, hear me, hear me! I would LOVE a pattern for a two-fabric quilt. So often I only buy two matching fabrics in a collection. So send me some!! For this quilt, I just did some simple strip-pieced accents and the monogram. I really should just call myself a "piecer" instead of a quilter.

I also got that good deal on pink minky during the Shop Hop, so I made a matching burp cloth.

 Does anyone else struggle with minky?

Here's my story. My daughter fell in love with a two-sided minky and satin trimmed blankie we got as a baby gift when she was born. As she grew, the blankie didn't, and she refused to sleep with anything else. So I thought- no prob. I'll make her a larger version! So much stretching and pulling and sweating and was a BEAR. The softest f'n bear you've ever met. I guess the hardest part was that it was minky, backed with more minky, and bound with SATIN. The girl knows how to pick 'em. Meanwhile, half the time she still must have "little blankie" to get through the day.

"Dressy Dribbles" is on the original gift; I give credit with my snarky face :b.
I learned my lesson: keep the minky projects small. So I just made a little burp cloth, and surrounded a strip of the minky with the cotton strips. Voila! Snuggly/burp cloth for the fancy babe.
So what are your tricks for minky??

Oh, I'm not done with my quilting update.

I know I am not alone in my quick and dirty quilting - I just found Lazy girl designs and Straight Stitch society. My people! I always say that quilting is one of the easiest ways to start to learn to sew, because you can just sew straight lines. We may never win the prize for most precise, but we get quilts done, gurrrrl.

I also churned out some possible design inspirations for superheroes for girls...

thinking..."Space Girl" = "space to do whatever she chooses"
And...made a "funeral quilt" for a friend?!?! This one was truly Beverly-inspired. I feel I was possessed; probably just didn't know how to help her deal with her grief.  

I matched a non-traditional wonky square side with a traditional courthouse steps [?] side. For some reason, when speaking with my friend about her mother, this is how the inspiration manifested itself. I think functionally, there is no function. Unless you put it on the table with remembrances; maybe a new trend? When I Googled it, it seemed that funeral quilts mostly referred to Quilters who had passed and their quilts being showcased or used at the funeral to drape over the casket and/or decorate the room(s.)

What else? oh yeah, our Quilting Bee charity jelly roll 1600 quilt...

I think that's all I've been able to slopify as of late.



  1. You are amazingly creative and thoughtful and make beautiful quilts!!!

  2. Ashley- have you found ? seems like they would be a good match for your superhero stuff... :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes I've been coming up with new designs for, a similar site. They found me from my ETSY shop...and it's all been very positive!! I'll definitely start to follow pigtailpails too, see how I can get involved.

  3. I haven't read this yet myself, but it seems like it might offer some tips. Besides, it's another good quilting blog to follow! (wait, it's not letting me paste the link. Check out She just did a post called "how to quilt with minky.")

    1. It's like she was reading my mind!! (and she agrees: keep the minky projects small!) THANKS for sending!!


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