Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Milk Wars III: Revenge of the Syrup

Y'all remember the Revolution???
(Parts 1 and 2)

There has been a development. 

I had given up.

But the force is still strong with the Emperor, apparently. 

The Empire may now be winning.

Here's how it happened.


My parents drink martinis.

My oldest nephew hoses the milk (otherwise, we never have milk in the house anymore.)

After all the guests left, this fam of four was enjoying a leisurely morning afternoon.

The little girl asks for a special drink, remembering helping Grandpa mix the martinis. 

She asks for one. One for her. 

 [she loves the olives.]

[no, really.]

Daddy (hubby/emperor) says, 
"how about a strawberry milkshake?" [cue Nestle syrup, which has been sitting in the cupboard since the great milk battles of August '12]
she nods.
"in a special, pink glass?" [cue adult-sized, pink-hued acrylic tumbler, which was also involved in the August-Sept battles]
oh, only Daddy treats me this way.

Daddy tries the blender. It breaks. [calamities r us]

Daddy sees the martini shaker, on the counter, newly cleaned from the holiday. He hams it up. He shakes it up. He pours.


Notice she is wearing one of my new pieces from the Princess Leia Collection at Twynmawrmom's ETSY shop...[just released today!]

Little boy, not wanting to be left out, wants to know what boys drink, when girls drink strawberry milkshakes. Don't call the gender police.

We tell him chocolate, of course! 

He wants it...

He gets it...



Three days later, we are still drinking "my chocolate milk" and "my strawberry milk", extra especially shaken, just for them. I'm back at the Swiss Farms again. I'm quietly giving myself high-fives. [I may have thanked the hubby in a special way.]

007 meet Princess Leia.

Revenge is sweet. 

and syrupy.

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