Monday, November 26, 2012

Land of Nod Ikea Hack

$139 for $17.49!

There's this great group/site called Ikea Hacker that hubby and I have followed for awhile. We, too, enjoy grabbing items at Ikea and using them to build something grander. 

No, I can't think of any we have done in the past right now...

But I did see this cute canopy on Land of Nod for $139 a few months ago...

And then I saw this little "canopy top" at Ikea for a whopping $9.99...

And I remembered I had some old blue striped fabric lying around [hoarder]...
[you could get some at Ikea for less than $3/yard!]

Quick & Dirty: 
  • I used 2 1/3 yards (84") x 54" wide fabric.
  • Thus, each panel is 42" wide (along the canopy) x 54" high.
  • I hemmed the bottom an inch, 
  • I attached the top underneath the line of multi-colored "pennants",


Playhouse/Puppet Theater/Hideaway for the newly refinished basement! 

Play away, away.

I'm actually going to get started on some 24 x 24 cushions 
for the floor area underneath it next.

I found a great pattern from this magazine for 'box cushions', and now I'm obsessed that floor pillows cannot be simply pillows, but rather, must be box pillows...

Scourging the Cyber Monday sales for the box cushion fill pillow...

Cuz you know, I don't need the fabric to cover it. 


  1. Did you get the cushions done? :) Would love to see!

    1. Unfortunately not, lol! Still on my list of to-do's. I have made some cushion covers, but they are definitely *not* blog-worthy!! I've also pinned some tutorials on pinterest for inspiration. :)


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