Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Julie & Julia, & Twynmawrmom

Hubby was trying to make me feel better about my inability to contribute anything useful to the household, and reminded me that on the eve of Hurricane Sandy, he outwardly wished for an apple pie to be baked for him, and I was able to produce one for him in about an hour and a half.
"Who do we know who could have done that?!" he says.
I proceeded to remind him that:
  1. I didn't have an actual lemon so I used a little RealLemon juice, which left a little tang to be desired. [quick & dirty is my way, I do it every f'n day.]
  2. Upon opening the oven and discovering that the rack was on the lowest rung, and my arms full of ready-to-bake pie, I just placed it on the bottom rack, thinking eh - you never know - maybe this would make it better. Layyyyyy-zeee. This meant the juice was not quite jelled up in a stewy goodness before the crust started to burn. So I had to go with the timing of the crust, and the juice remained un-gooed.
So you see class, even in my most recent finest hour, I was both lazy and lackluster in my performance.

After this self-eval I presumed myself worthless enough to drown myself in some cookies and a movie during this week's first preschool break hour.

Even though we've had Julie & Julia in the WD Box for years, hubby never chooses it on our Friday nights together. Go figure. So I turned it on, ready to make a meal for a fellow mommy with a newborn, and oh yeah, that self-pitying batch of cookies.

First of all, any movie that uses "Psycho Killer" in the soundtrack deserves to win an Oscar.

Secondly, I did not know the movie was about blogging. Oh, thank you, universe! For sending me this idea in the nick. of time. She also begins to talk about blogging and mentions she may have A.D.D. This reminds me of the time I first stepped into my house and yelled to my husband from across the house: "SOLD!"

I proceeded to laugh, cry, eye a bottle of wine even though it was 10 am in the morning [hello Julia Child], and burn the first batch of cookies. Good work. Again, I had lazily placed them on the bottom rack [see above apple pie results], they burned on the bottom, and were raw on top. So I transferred them to the top rack, where they completed the burning process.

[when am I going to get off my lazy ass and change that rack before I actually open the oven with something already in my hand?]

Oh, I did that next. 

Nothin' gonna ruin my chicken enchiladas. I'm good at those. Plus, I do not have any more corn tortillas than my predetermined amount. So I'd have to go shopping with children in tow. That's surely going to equal four lollipops and $75 worth of unnecessary food purchases.

So these I managed to deliver only half-baked, but completed, with instructions to continue baking them for, oh, say, 15 minutes?? 


At this point I was able to scrape the not-so-burnt second batch of cookies off the pan in time to deliver to mommy as well.

I look forward to completing the movie in the next couple of years, and, in doing so, achieve some level of improvement in my
  1. cooking
  2. blogging
  3. timing 
  4. atten

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