Monday, November 5, 2012

Finishing up Fall Fabric Frenzy

Finally finished! I have to say, that was quite an arbitrary goal I set for myself.
I've always wanted to do a shop-hop and now I have! 
Let's hope there's a special boost for first-timers to win the grand prize Bernina.

My son got sick yesterday, so I didn't sleep at all Saturday night, and took him to the ER on Sunday morning just to be on the safe side. A little Motrin and a popsicle and he was a new little man so of course I felt like a jacka$$.
When we got back, hubby was very understanding and wanted me to finish what he called my "scavenger hunt." Off I went to hit the last two shops! 

Steve's Sewing Center, King of Prussia, PA
This is the view from the parking lot; not from where you would be driving on DeKalb Pike.
WOW. Right in my backyard, who knew there was such a resource? This is a large shop with many machines set up for you to demo, try, and buy. They also have a large selection of classes, or can organize a private lesson. Oh yeah, they have fabric, too. I think I now know where to learn how to use my serger! Although after speaking with the ladies there, I realize I have a crappy one. What else is new! 

I started by asking if they have a "free motion quilting" foot for my Singer. 

Red Flag number 1: I said Singer. Apparently, this is not going to offer me the latest in sewing technology. I've been living as a cave-woman without the famous "BSR" or Bernina Stitch Regulator, which is apparently more useful than an iPhone. [And you know how I die for my iPhone.]
"How about classes for my serger? It is also a Singer."
Red Flag number 2: I said Singer. Apparently, I should not have bought it on sale online at Woot! Free support and classes are offered for all machines purchased at Steve's. 

So, next time I win buy a Bernina, I'll be sure to consult and purchase at Steve's. 
They also have a longarm for rental, for when I give up on the idea of driving to my quilting partner's house in Maryland, or her mother's in Virginia, to complete a quilt. 

-I'm not giving up on that yet.-

Shop Hop Quilt #9! Obvie, they have high ceilings.

And on my race out of there a song pops in my head...
"I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world that I'm coming ... home! "

Cloth and Bobbin, Narberth, PA

It occurs to me that more than just my fellow Main-Liner's may be reading this blog post, so I must give Narberth the same due as I did in my previous post for Keswick Village in Glenside and Doylestown : super cute town! Narberth is a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Center City, so it has an urban feel, but from another time when cars always stopped for pedestrians and little hometown fairs brought everyone out for each and every holiday. We take the kids to their Halloween Parade, July 4th, and Summer Fairs. Everyone knows about Narberth.  They have great restaurants, too. We searched for a home there for a year and a half, but they rarely come on the market. Alas, "twinberthmom" isn't quite as catchy a blog name now anyways [or is it?.]

As usual, I could spend my hubby's entire week's pay at Cloth and Bobbin every time I step foot in the place.  Johanna always carries a lot of modern fabric collections and the latest books and magazines. 
Shop Hop Quilt #10! Great color values/combinations.

 I almost never get a big bag upon leaving - but you know - it is the shop hop and this is my last stop, so I have all that money left over from the hop budget...[what budget]
What's inside, you ask? 

Oh, just a few more inspirational fabrics for my superhero designs that have yet to materialize. 
Need another free weekend, a non-sick puppy, and a visit from a muse...

Get out there, ladies! You have until 5 pm today to hit all 10 shops!! [Or at least 9 of them for you slackers!]

[but don't take my Bernina. I'll cut you with my gingham scissors.]


  1. Congratulations on being a winner of....the Quilters Dream Batting!!!! Yay Ashley.


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