Sunday, November 18, 2012

And now, even the puppet shows make me weep

The Please Touch Museum, aka, "please get sick museum" according to my neighbor, who as a working mom, probably only has experienced it on a busy Saturday, is my Mommy Mecca.

My kids walk in like they own the place.

  And I couldn't be happier. It is a wonderful play-place and learning environment.

{It's the Philadelphia's Children Museum, in case you didn't know, and it's located in Fairmount Park, which is a large expanse of public-use green and arts space. If you are visiting the Philadelphia area with kids, you could even combine a visit with a trip to the Zoo. They are right next to each other, and both really worth seeing! The Philly Zoo is toted as 'the nation's first' and although parking is abysmal, they are working to improve it and that's really my only complaint.}

We've partly grown up there! It was probably the first kids place we visited in Philadelphia, when we had our first guests visiting. We joined immediately and we haven't let that membership run out since!

Friday when we went I was particularly emotional. You see, there are several areas that are designated as "Three and under" - a wonderful feature of the museum. Imagine running after two 18-month-olds all day and then arriving at a vast, soft, interactive and stimulating environment that is actually closed off to older kids and guarded for extra safety.
[I have a pic of them on these 'books' from that era... Now where is it...? Lost with my emotional control...]
Obviously, accidents happen [how many times have I lost one of them there?], but as a stay-at-home-mom, we are usually there when it is less crowded.
I used to have a strategy of arriving around open at 9 or 9:30, pushing the limits to lunchtime at 12-ish, then allowing the kids to hit the carousel before crashing, melting, and burning into the car in time for naps.
And once we gave up naps altogether? We run errands, or go to camp, preschool, etc, and then hit the Museum after lunch. The place is entirely ours. I can keep tabs on each of them even when they want to split either side of the lobby. The "End of the Day Parade" guy knows our drumming preferences.
It took us until year 3 to discover the "End of the Day" Parade
There is a craft room to get dirty. My kids painted there for the first time. The same week, someone in the next neighborhood over was throwing away a double-sided easel. My two little artists were born!

These masterpieces are hanging in my living room. Seriously. 
I keep meaning to hang these photos next to them since I can't believe I actually have both!

So back to the under 3 area...sniff...can't even...get this out...they are going to be...


and I...can't deny... it any longer ... since the PTM makes a certain 'growing up' distinction and I...I....

[weepy, sobby, mess break]

I just love the puppet shows. I really didn't think we were ready to hold our attention on them until we were 2. And even then. I was worried. did! it DID! And...I ... weeped! 

To teach my children the beauty of live theater and entertainment in human, 3-D, form..

to be patient with the dole it out over the 15-20 minute show...

to let them learn that it is a real person providing this message through artistic allegory and metaphor...

Uh! LOVE! 

SO before I get too ahead of myself, I'll just add, my favorite puppet show is coming back. I can't wait to see it again. I had to restrain myself from audibly weeping the first time. Now that I'm approaching the kids 4th birthday, and this happens to coincide, well, just try to stop me from running up and hugging the puppetmaster afterwards. 

I've practically attacked him when I've seen him running around the halls as it is!

But I'm cool. I'm cool. 

Don't worry about Twynmawrmom...

I'll be ... 


[weepy, sobby, mess]
[what am I going to do if/when they go to college!?!]

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