Friday, November 30, 2012

31 Days/Workouts of December

So I am just putting out a quick note - such as this is - logging it-

I'd like to acheive 31 workouts for the month of December, one for each day.

If I double up on a day, I can take a day off [say, I dunno, Christmas??]

I'm not trying to lose weight necessarily - I'm not training for a race - just logging the time.

I just realized I get SO nervous around the holidays, and there is SO much going on, that I often sabotage myself and New Year's comes around and I've usually negated any progress I've made over the year.

I'm not going to be too hard on myself - I've worked out since the half-marathon and Zane's Run- but not much.

I've actually lost weight since I stopped running.

Must be the new running shoes I bought. Spending money is always more effective at losing weight than working out, right? My gym membership pays for itself.

I tend to find my tri skills are still improving year after year - even though I slack off in the winter.  

So this is just - because I can. And it couldn't hurt.

[And because I have so much time this month!?]

It won't sound like much to some, and it may sound like a lot to others, but it's where I'm at right now. I need a short term goal to get me through the month. I already did my first workout this morning! I may have done some punches a la Rocky on the treadmill, but these are the joys of being a crazy lady in the comforts of your own underground lair.

I put it out to my hubby yesterday morning first, so we came up with a ground rule that  
1 workout = 30 minutes. I offered 300 cals, but that seemed too ambitious to him. But this wasn't:

So who's with me? Do you NOT have 30 minutes a day to eek out for yourself?  

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  1. I'm with you, but only if I can count my longer workouts as multiple workouts, as implied above. I can't skimp on the scheduled runs because my race is 40 days away, but I need the off days to recover. Fun goal! Good luck to both of you!


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