Saturday, November 3, 2012

3 more down! Philly Shop Hop continues

I come downstairs around 2 PM for a break from my quilting bee's charity project, a fun and speedy strip-pieced "1600 jelly roll" quilt 
[check out this link for funny quilt races!

and the hubby says,

"Weren't you going to go to Bucks County today?

I just don't want time to get away from you."

"Oh I said anytime this weekend, but uh, ER. Um. Oh. 2:00! Well. Um. Ok, Bye!"
"And I'm taking the girl!!"
[she must be assimilated]
Back to the Shop - Hop

Doylestown is far for me. Driving up 611 did not lead me to believe I was headed somewhere enticing.

But once you hit "Cultural Doylestown"- you realize what a fantastic area this must be to live in! I could definitely see myself spending a day there with the fam, or even just a day-date with the hubby. It would feel like a little getaway with lots of restaurants and home decor shops. Seemed like a great place for antiquing. And in addition to the featured shop, there were at least two other needlework arts shops I noticed- yarn and embroidery, I believe.

Alas, I do not have time to peruse and putter about. I am the mother of young children. By design, everything is rushed.

Sew Smart Fabrics, Doylestown, PA
As I mentioned, Doylestown was super cute and this shop was included in the main street mix. That means, parking on Saturday was a little hard to find at first, but only a block away from the main drag, it was fine. [Being a SAHM, I forget that shopping on a Saturday means you are doing it with other people!] Also equipped to support your apparel and home decorator projects, so there's a little something for everyone.

Their shop-hop quilt was fun and bright!#6!
I grabbed some modern fabric I hadn't seen, 

some inspiration for my rainbow sawtooth star quilt that exists inside my head:
but no star fabrics. As I posted yesterday, this is what I had set as my focus so as not to consume every new fabric in sight! It's in support of my 'superheroes for girls' line. 

Speaking of superheroes, my daughter grabbed a lollipop from the cashier and that made the rest of the afternoon go rather smoothly! Thanks!! 

Byrne Sewing Connection, New Britain, PA
Just two miles away down 202 in a less town-like setting was Byrne. This is set up for large classes and would definitely be the place to buy a machine or take your machine for repairs and questions. 
Once you really look around, inspiration projects abound and lots of batiks in addition to the usual fun prints and collections. I grabbed an orange star fabric and a purple-blue galaxy mix.
Turkey Day is coming up and I'm hosting!! This would look great on my table!
Shop Hop Quilt #7! They added sashing to embellish.
Luckily one of the employees here told me to take 309 down (and avoid 611) to my final shop of the day, so that I might just get there by closing time!

As we were racing there, I told my daughter: 
"You are doing great! You are a fabulous fabric shop-hopping companion."
 "I know how to shop", she says, finishing up her lollipop.
Granny's Sewing Den, Glenside, PA
When I got there, Barb was very accommodating, and she was actually waiting for another customer who had called and was still a few miles away, so that helped me breathe a little.

Shop Hop Quilt #8! It's hard to see in the picture, but these are gorgeous golden gilded prints.
Keswick Village in Glenside is another cute area to putter about. I immediately recognized that I had been to the tavern and theatre last year for a Lucinda Williams concert, and it was an ideal venue for her rich-bodied music. 

This shop is not that far from me! So I'm excited to head back for the variety. Again, there were a lot of batiks and some novelty fabrics I hadn't seen before (galaxies, yellow stars-on-stars [pictured below].) Minky pink was on sale, so I had to get a yard. Seeing as my daughter plans on getting married in it...

My haul for the day!  
[In reverse order.]

What was my budget per shop again?
[didn't tell; don't ask]

Hmmm, I miss my home shop! 
Can't wait to see what specials Cloth and Bobbin have for the hop! 
 2 more shops to go!

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