Monday, October 15, 2012

What happens on fb stays on fb

Hubby is not on FB.

He doesn't read my blog. 

These things used to irk me, until I realized, I had absolute, online freedom to say whatever the f*** I wanted without him knowing or caring.

But then I started befriending his co-workers [he doesn't have any friends that aren't mine, so they already know not to mess with me when I'm having a 'tude.] I'm a social gal -- these things happen. Some of them I hadn't even met before we "friended" on fb but I totally understood they were close and wanted to see pics of his kids! But I had to instruct them: what happens on fb, stays on fb.

There's no inside track to our household; no dialing his extension and saying, "heard you ran over the cat this morning!" But if you want to see the twyns with Santa and share in his undying glee over how adorable his children are, then, by all means, be my fb friend. 

Now I didn't know that I had to extend this to my blog...but here goes: what happens on the blog, stays on the blog. He can read it- it's out here for everyone to see! But if he chooses to ignore it than you don't need to alert him to any particular post that may or may not reference his sleeping habits and tidiness.

Who said what now? Oh darling, that wasn't quite what I meant...

I like my little space to unwind. Helps me breathe. 

Why can't someone alert him to the fact that my second-most popular post happens to be the one where I'm gushing all over him like a high school girl?! 

Now, granted: there may or may not be a hidden agenda in my posts, hoping by some cosmic force the information will come across his desk
 and make him realize he needs to bring home flowers  
[thanks for that, S]

And he may have come home earlier than usual tonight, may have given me a kiss and a hug upon entering, started dinner and asked if he could help with the laundry...
[thanks for that, T]

But, for the love of all things, absolutely DO. NOT. tell him about my affairs with Scott McGillivray and Eric Northman.  It's really the only thing keeping those guys going with their miserable little lives, and they don't need some powerhouse paper-pusher breathing down their skinny little necks.

Scott, after hubby broke his nose last Summer. Don't be a party to more violence!


  1. Precisely why I expanded my blog to include more than just recipes. A girl's gotta vent!

    1. Oh, good to know! I think we all like to see the 'B' come out sometimes...

  2. Hilarious! And my husband is not on FB and doesn't read my blog, but he does stalk me on twitter. Guess where I'm all sweetness and light? ;o)

    1. Oh, good idea! What is WRONG with them? Why don't they saturate their lives in social media like us?! Losers!!


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