Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tenor Dad and superhero panties

I know a lot of performers.
I know a lot of parents.
I do not know that many performer-parents.

I know a lot of Dads.
I know a few stay-at-homeDads.
I know precisely *one* Performer-parent-stay-at-home-Dad.

And he blogs.
I present to you for your consideration : Tenor Dad.

We actually went to college together, and then I recruited him to the opera program I was working for. He is partly to blame for my new blogging habit. Oh, and in the same season he sang the National Anthem at Fenway, I sang it for their feeder team, the PawSox. Parallel lives.
So when he wrote a post about his daughter being upset that there were no superhero panties on the market for girls, I felt a call to action. I have never met her, but I know. this. girl. And she must. Have superhero panties.
I tried to explain to Tenor Dad how he could iron-on transfers or fuse fabric to blank panties, but alas, I cannot expect a performer-parent-who-is-also-a-stay-at-home-dad-and-who-blogs to also craft. We can't all be twynmawrmom.

 Quick & dirty tutorial: Superhero (or anything else) panties (or any other garment)

If you No-sew:
get stiff fusible webbing, cut little fabric pieces of images you desire, follow iron-on instructions.

If you sew:
get less stiff fusible webbing, cut little fabric pieces of images you desire, follow iron-on instructions and then sew with an applique stitch to permanently affix.

Slow & Painful details & photos:

Fusible webbing is a paper-like material with adhesive on one side that fuses two pieces of fabric together using the heat of an iron.

There are stiff types that are meant to hold an appliqué (or piece of fabric) by itself, seemingly forever, without additional sewing to secure it. You will likely not be able to wash the garment with fabric softener after you use it. One such "double stick fusible web" is
Lite Steam-A-Seam 2.

For these panties, I wanted to use a less stiff fusible webbing product (like
HeatnBond Lite), so that it would disintegrate after one wash so that her panties do not feel stiff, and the panties can be washed with fabric softener for the life of the panties.

For T-shirts and other such garments, however, a little stiffness is usually helpful. That said, I also always sew an appliqué stitch on afterwards so that it is permanently secure, and then the fabric softener is not an issue.

And because I always sew to finish, I sometimes
skip the fusible webbing altogether if I don't have any in the house and a project needs my immediate attention. Because, you know, fashion emergencies do happen. And only we mommies can be the change we want to see in the world's wardrobe. In the case that you don't have webbing, make sure to use a lot of pins, or be prepared to slip your fingers out of harm's way.

You can find these products at any fabric shop, not just Joann's. I found them at my favorite local shop, Cloth and Bobbin, in Narberth, PA.

Start with blank garment. Cut a piece of fusible webbing smaller than image.
Iron - on the adhesive side to the back of image fabric. Peel off paper side after ironing.
Place applique onto garment. It should now be 'stuck' well enough so that it doesn't move while you sew the applique onto garment.[Careful not to sew back & front of panties together]
Have fun with thread color, front and back images, and watch that the sewing doesn't become too bulky (especially for panties.)
Voila! Superhero underwear for girls!!

I also made her some pirate-girl wear, as I was inspired and have an unrequited apparel dream since my daughter only wants evening dresses that I can't yet make. Tune in for that tutorial. 

[The pirate wear; not the evening dresses.]

[Although, you never know...]

Hey....this is kind of inspiring me to open an ETSY shop...
so I DID! WHAT??

Oh Miss-Muse, Daughter-of-Tenor-Dad, we should all wear superhero panties. Maybe I did a little dance in mine for my own personal Launch Party...


  1. Thanks so much for the underwear! Daughter-of-Tenor-Dad loves them and has been wearing them all week!

    1. That makes me so happy!! Let me know what other desires pop up!!

  2. By the way, they wash just fine, and we gave some of the smaller sizes to our even smaller neighbor. She dried them super hot to shrink them a bit, and they are still perfect. No puckering or anything. These are some quality panties!

    1. Ok, keep me posted. Superhero-ing CAN get rough...:)

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