Monday, October 1, 2012

September Spending Fast Results

Credit card bill was 35% of normal.

This did not include the *cough* $120 spending spree I had at Macy's in the final dwindling days of September when I was making superhero panties for a friend's daughter and the kids decided they needed new underwear as well. This turned into some superhero clothes and maybe a Minnie Mouse shirt...or two...and well, there you have it. We hadn't actually done back-to-school shopping this Fall at all yet. And after a fast, binge-eating is usually in order, no? 
When hubby called mysteriously after said spending spree and freaked me out [cuz sometimes he gets a notification right away depending on which credit card I use], I mentioned it right away [better to admit fault immediately and get a jump on the excuses], and said, 
"Little boy wanted superhero underwear", [yeah, $120 worth of underwear, yeah...]
 to which hubby responded,
 "Well that's important"  [it is, isn't it?!]
Come to think of it, clothing is still not technically -quote- 
bringing new sh** into this house - unquote.

The tally: 

$2.50 for the microphone cover + 
$3 for the karaoke version of "Call me Maybe" [don't ask]
Hubby's total: $5.50

Remember my $56 at the mom's sale +
$120 spending spree -
 I made $147 at my Moms' Sale
My total:  $49. 

Ok, he wins. But this is still a SCORE! 
This was a good exercise.
Now back to our regularly scheduled spending.

...Oh wait...what about the coffee...

Oh screw it,  the dirty secret, and what I didn't put together when hubby suggested this whole idea, is that, as a finance dork person, he does the 'projections' and 'analysis' of our finances over a year just like he does for his company. And he ties it all out--i.e., our fiscal year ends--in September. So he was trying to tidy up a little at the end of the year by cutting back on the credit card bill. 

Well played, my friend, well played...


  1. I like the part where you are making superhero panties. :D

    1. She should get them tomorrow. I don't want to ruin the 'big reveal' so let me know and then I can post the tutorial. (yeah. you know I blogged about it!)


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