Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quick & Dirty DIY Halloween ghosts decoration

A couple of you asked about the highlight of this week's disaster day post: the ghost craft.  

[ok one of you did.]

So here's the tutorial! 

You could really use a square of anything. Last year we did plastic grocery bags, because I was afraid of the weather proofing.

I also did some in h'ween fabric because I just happened to have some lying around [hoarder]...

So I don't know how hardy the ones I made this year are, but I'm not really losing sleep over whether a ghost has fallen on my driveway in a wet soppy mess and the cat has half dragged it through the mud. This is a quick & dirty. I mean, it's not Christmas, for Christ's sake. Halloween is designed to teach our children about cross-dressing and sugar comas.

Gather materials 
[see what you have lying around, seriously]:
  • a string for neck & hanging (I chose black ribbon), 
  • a square of some material (I chose cotton fabrics and tulle), 
  • a stuffing material (I chose tissue paper), 
  • marker for face decorating (I chose permanent), and 
  • scissors.
I let kids:
  • cut black ribbon (length is not that important)
  • ball up tissue paper stuffing
  • decorate ghost faces (after I finished tying ghost) 
I did:
  • cut squares of fabric (12 x 12) 
  • stuffed ball of tissue paper in center 
  • tie ribbon around neck 
  • hang ghosts by tying neck piece tight so the ghosts don't look like hangmen

Make a bunch! I think a key to making a big impact in decorating is repetition and volume!

Here's our outside impact: 
You want them to be stiff enough that they don't look like they are hanging; they are 'flying'. 

Here's our inside impact (white tulle, orange tulle, Halloween fabric ghosts): 

While I had the string out: 

Happy Halloween Crafting!!


  1. Nice! This would be fun for us considering we don't do a lot of big decorating (we live at the end of a dead end & houses are far apart) and I have a ton of material since I decided clothes sewing isn't for me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sewing isn't for you?!? I don't know if we can be friends anymore. ;)


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