Friday, October 12, 2012

It's getting desperate up in here

This is about the time in quarter end where I start to wonder if I have a husband at all anymore. I sent my headshot and resume into the casting director for Desperate Housewives but apparently they cancelled the show before I had achieved pro status.

The man in the yellow hat is starting to look good. I mean, he gets so frustrated at George and its like, dude you didn't think he was going to mess that sh** up? You are so. stinking. naive!! That's hot.


Don't get me started on Flynn Ryder. You know what I'm talking about. All the mommies know about him. I'm actually pissed my kids aren't into Tangled anymore.

A lot people say my boy Scott McGillivray from Income Property is the humanization of Flynn. I'll just take Scott. He needs to work on my basement. With his shirt off. And the pink hard hat. No, really, he has an actual pink hard hat. Find me, Scott. I'm on your FB!!

There's no True Blood going on right now, otherwise I'd have my Eric Northman to get me through...*sigh* he's just sleeping in his coffin. Not questioning Sookie if Bill's 'six hour romps' aren't up to snuff...

Spin class helped this morning...but then there's my spin teacher...shameless pic...and you can't really get a good look at his buns here...But you try explaining why your flash "accidentally" went off while you were heading out the door...

Speaking of fellow classmates were sporting some good ones! I guess I don't normally sit in the back, but it had been a while. Now I know why all the guys sit in the back. Yeah teach, let's get in position 3!

I mean really. How many batman appliqu├ęs can a girl sew?!? 

Scott - SERIOUSLY - get on it - the basement, that is....


  1. Love this! Graham's soccer coach has great legs. Too bad it's cold now, so he wears long pants. Otherwise you could join us for a practice. :)

  2. too funny...too close to home

  3. I just read Twilight this summer (I know, 7 years later I finally fed into the hype) and now I'm finding myself googling Robert Pattinson. I feel like quite the cougar.

    1. Oh I'm sure he's lacking in Google hits :) Hey... If you are a cougar, what does that make me!?


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