Thursday, October 25, 2012

Curse of the music-loving class

I heart music.

But... it's a curse.

I've had friends tell me I'm lucky that my children may inherit my ear for music, and of course I totally want them to fulfill all my performing dreams for me: Broadway, duet with Sting, guest spot on Glee...but...

On the other hand...

They could be saved from the curse of the music-loving class.

I can't take an aerobics class where the teacher announces the step off from the downbeat. I remember amassing quite a few classes per week in prep for my wedding with my musician-friend after work and we would cringe as we walked in the door if we saw a certain substitute from our normal, beat-abiding fitness guru. We learned to stray and take over our own steps when necessary. But it was harrrrrd. 

Don't get me started on a spin teacher who wants me to sprint during the verses and rest during the choruses. No. The choruses are there for me to sing along and SPRINT. That's why the tempo heats up, that's why the notes rise...that's when the production values really give way. It's called music. Give it a listen. Give it some respect. People are not actually listening to you. I know it's hard. That's why it's YOUR JOB.

Symphonies are dying. Most professional musicians are also teaching master classes around the globe and squatting in any university professorial job they can find. Fully intend to encourage the kids to study classical music: but only so far as the it will enhance their mathematical skills. If they actually take up the harp and percussion [my choice for best scholarship potential, instrument aesthetics, solo gig potential and temperaments], I understand I'm basically accepting the fact that they will be living in Europe or Asia in their 20s to actually establish a career.

Who won American Idol in Season 3? 5? 8? See. That wasn't that long ago, y'all.

When I worked at BMI in my early 20's [songwriter royalties company], I was ecstatic to see how much money a one-hit wonder could make...after then when you see all the schmucks coming in and trying to pitch and promote said one-sorry-song, you realize, it's akin to winning the lottery. 

I love the arts in general...I want people to go see live theatre, live music, opera, even...but I totally understand: it's not what you listen to in the car, at a party, dancing with your kids in the living room...

I've always said I want them to know it is there for them to enhance their life, but it shouldn't be their life.

Probably won't make a difference...didn't for me.

I guess it could be worse! I don't heart space shuttles!! 

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