Sunday, October 21, 2012

Changing lives, 10 minutes at a time

I like to chat.
Especially with strangers.
I was raised in the South by New Yorkers, which is a deadly combination.

New Yorkers: 
like to talk a lot, and fast.

like to talk with people they don't know- on the street, at the store, in public bathrooms...

 If you see me squinting, it's because I'm trying really hard to listen without butting in.

So when I casually hear someone complain about not having a quarter for the meter out here on the Main Line, I speak up. Maybe they are rushed like me, maybe they are trying to get 556 things done before preschool pick-up like me, maybe they are grabbing some Hope's Cookies for me, a pregnant lady, a sick child, so I want to help them. 

[mmmmm...hope's cookies...]

I let people know what's up: 
 you can just push the button for a free 10 minutes of time on the meter.

What? Why would they do that? 

[why haven't I pushed that button before?]

Seriously, you need to wipe clean your rose-colored glasses.

I believe the municipality wants you to shop, and not be deterred from running in and out of their fine establishments lickity split.

You're welcome.

Oh, and if you don't live in the Philly burbs, keep your eyes open! The world is trying to help you.


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