Tuesday, October 30, 2012


OMG there's NOTHING going on, y'all. 

SO bored. 

School is closed - ballet / swim / Little Gym classes closed - but - hubby is at work.


I could venture out with the kiddos, but it's still really raining, and I believe the weatherman told me not to leave the house. 

Apparently, this does not apply to office-working folk. They will be magically transported to their place of employment by mystical water-proofing fairies.

On a serious note, we are totally fine, thank goodness. It was very scary not knowing what Hurricane Sandy might bring, and that this was the biggest storm to hit the area since 1903. That's for real-ness. And I'm sure the clean-up and scary stories are still to come.

Kids slept in our room last night, because the hubby was afraid of the trees falling on their side of the house. 

This meant that we played musical beds all night and none of us slept. So that's made for a great morning thus far. 

And here is the extent of our damage: 

I'll take it.

I cannot BELIEVE the pics of the NYC Subway, and Jersey Shore. This was a serious storm and luckily, we still have power.

Come to think of it ... you want me on your Hurricane relief team.
  • I grew up in Florida. Hurricane Andrew hit sometime in my youth, and my house was unscathed. Down the block, however, was on the National News because some of the kids were having to row their boats to each other's houses. I remember walking to that block and seeing it in person - now why they didn't put cute, young, me on the news to report on the situation - is beyond me.
  • The blizzard of 96-97. I was studying abroad in the Netherlands.The entire East Coast was shut down, apparently, but me and the Dutch were excited that this meant the Elfstedentocht (11-city-tour) could take place. It's an ice-skating race that can only take place when the canals have frozen hard enough. It was cool. [ba-dum-bum.]
  • Hurricane Katrina - I was working in admissions at University of Maryland, right at the start of the school year. We were able to help some displaced students get in to school - and get out of harm's way.
  • Hurricane Irene last year - we lost power for 4 days with two milk-hungry-monkeys. I was headed to Atlanta for 2 weeks for rehearsals. So the hubby and my parents were taking care of the kids while I got out of dodge. I mean, if I had known it was going to be 4 days worth, I would have totally left even earlier.
I've had my fair share of power lost and damages sustained - but again - nothing big and a little bit of luck on my side. Thanks, Universe. 

Stay dry everyone!!!  

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  1. Sorry to hear that Chris is off to work again, but glad you are all okay. Boredom is our biggest problem here as well. So fortunate! I love your photo of the storm damage at your house. :)


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