Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Attention Producers: Lil Shop of Horrors Re-Do

Hannah Andersson duds are here!!! Aren't you dying to find out which ones we got?!?

 Gotta wait til Christmas. [cards, that is.]

[I know, you're dying. But I don't know what you're wearing either, so hello!?]

Gotta get my hair done. Seeing as the last time was for the cruise, think its due anyways. Everyone's tired of seeing my favorite headband. 

Gotta get the boy a trim, too. I was trying to let it grow out a little so he could sport the "Thor" look for his Halloween costume, but it never reached Thor quality. Oh well. Luckily his haircuts cost $7. Hello! Thank you cutting edge cuts. Why can't women's be that easy and cheap?!?

I love seeing my hair stylist, though. She's one of my fb bff's and we met performing in a show together. 
I became her understudy as the run continued, and I told her this entitles me to always be on contract as her u/s for life. 

I can't wait til she is a Ronnette in Lil' Shop. I believe I was cheated from performing this role in 8th grade. She actually wants Audrey, so I suggest to you fancy theatre producers out there: Lil' Shop Re-Do a la Jersey Shore

Skid Row = Jersey City. 

Audrey sings about a penthouse:  instead of "somewhere that's green", it's "some floor that's high". 

And the trio could be trashy Jersey girls: the Ron-Ronnettes.

We'd be brilliant.

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