Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twin Mommy takes Gold at Zane's Run

Sweet Baby Zane

Let's talk about twin mommies. I know all mommies are amazing, and I wasn't meant to be a twin mommy, but now that I am, I know there's something to it.

 There's this amazing lady:
She is Zane's Mommy. Also mommy to Zane's twin sister and younger brothers (also twins! [pictured left]) She started Zane's Run to spread awareness and raise funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy research, because she lost Zane to this degenerative and terminal disease and needed to do it. She is beautiful on the inside and out, and it was great to see her in action directing the race today.

And then there's this one:

She's my twin mommy friend, and apparently, your average everyday elite-athlete-in-sheep's-clothing. She crushed the previous winner's time in the 5 miler, while. pushing. the. twins. in. the. jogger!! WTF. No--you didn't hear me. I need to add: she beat the men and women, including all of us who weren't. pushing. 70+ lbs!! Apparently she just had to do it today. She is also beautiful on the inside and out, and it was amazing to watch her loop past everyone. I couldn't find her on the first turn-around [I was quite aware I would not be able to match pace with her even with the stroller, so I didn't even attempt], so I was afraid she had to stop for one of the kids to take a potty break. Lo and behold, I spotted her on the second turn-around, leading the pack. She just so happened to completely burn that first turn around so that I wasn't going to see her at all within the first 2 miles. Hilarious. Pretty sure she smashed the previous record.

When you know the backstory of people, and you are friends with them, and you forget what amazing things people are capable of, it just.blows.your.mind. Totally emotional and inspired right now!! Both twin mommies win gold in my record book.

With all mommies who have newborns, who may express some emotions akin to:
"WTF" and
 "How am I supposed to do this!?"
 I generally say:
"It's like a marathon. You never know you can do it, until you do it. And... you're doing it."
This seems to help. This is exactly how I felt in the first year with the twins. SOOO much:
"how am I supposed to get two newborns with heart monitors and preemie feeding issues across state lines following my husband in the moving van?" 
"how am I supposed to survive the next 12 hours of daylight when I just barely survived 12 hours of nighttime feedings, diaperings, rockings, and reflux pukings!?"
"how on EARTH does any woman go to work after a night like this??" 
Mommies are amazing. They just do. 

Here's my cheering section today:

And yes, because I've never actually run a 5-miler, I totally PR'd. I was just happy to do under 9:30 minute/miles: 47:09. Pretty sure I won the DD age group. Just sayin'.

Oh and how about the MILF on the left? Oh yeah she and I were partying it up last night before she took 6th.
My friend pre-race. A gorgeous morning for kicking everyone's ass, don't you think so?


  1. Wow, that's pretty amazing. I barely manage my training with my job. I can't imagine adding kiddos to the mix.

    1. Oh, I know! I sometimes wish I could go back to those days pre-kids but there is no reward like that post-race feeling when you run over to your family and you hear the cries of "mommy! mommy!" "I want a banana!"

  2. I love your answer to the "how do you do it?" questions! And damn, girl! You are fast! Great job on the race. :)


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