Sunday, September 9, 2012

The next "me" thing

My neighbor and I have been like "passing ships in the night" all off to Providence, her off to Maine, our vacay, her vacay, my shore trip, her shore trip... we share an occasional wave across the street and an exasperated sigh expressing the mutual understanding of the crazy that is the busy mom and family life. But it was a fun summer, right? [exasperated sigh #2]

Not a week into the new school year,  and we are already reconvening.

One of the first things she says to me is, "so what's the next big thing for you? You've always got a thing brewing!"


"Funny you should ask that, I'm actually doing a half-marathon next weekend."

And as is my way, I rarely finish a project, when I haven't already begun work on the next. [I'm quite aware this likely means I have some form of A.D.D.] And a big part of the reasoning behind the half, was to test my running skills this Fall so as to assess my ability to attempt a Half-Ironman. And I guess if I were to be really honest with myself, the full Ironman distance is always on my mind. I finished my long-ish run this weekend and feeling as ready as any slacker can for next weekend's race, I started pouring over Half-Ironman distance race schedules and course descriptions.

Trying to strategize.

And just to mess with myself, spent the rest of the day amping up the Google searches [in between stretches of twin-wrangling] from "triathlon mom" to all women blogs who qualify as "sweating pink" to "triathletes" in general, and finally ended up going straight to "my road to Ironman" blogs. Wow. There are A LOT of those. And a lot of times, they drop off suddenly. Either during training, or directly after completing. There are a lot of abandoned Ironman blogs out there! Is that what will happen to me? Would I be one to do it, and done?

Could I even complete? These people are skinny. Like, scary skinny. That's just not me. And none of them actually have kids. Well, that's not true. I have found two Ironman mommy blogs so far. I'm enjoying them, but it's still hard to find someone who is in your same situation that you can identify with. You know, that twin mommy who is at home most of the time, manages to get an occasional performing gig, wants to fit her training in between preschool drop-off and preschool pick-up and still drink al-kee-hall and eat and have energy for the hubby on the weekends. Oh, and not have to buy any new equipment or pay for training support. Where's that winner?

"No, I meant, like, performing," she adds.

"Oh. Well I do have an audition tomorrow..."

Kiddie meltdowns. Convo over.

...But just between you and me, I am really excited about this! I try not to be, but the role is a supporting one in a very respected theatre company in town, so I feel like they could cast a new face like myself, and the character is a woman on the verge of adopting a baby. Reading the script, I am very in touch with this woman, and am hoping the casting director feels the same.

But I forget about this "thing", because I can't control it. The other "thing", I can do as much as my mommy life allows. 

So who knows which thing it will be?

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