Saturday, September 29, 2012

Love me some Christmas sweaters

The new Hanna Andersson catalog is here.
The one with the matching kids and parent sweaters!!!!! 
I die. 

I only managed to do this ONCE, but you know I want to do it again. 
Ever since I completely embarrassed my husband with their 1 year Christmas photo/cards, he has taken over the design of them. He's all about appearances. Presentation. He cringes every time he sees this:
His main complaint, was that the little boy had on girl shoes. And tights. So sue me.
he liked it
Don't even get me started on their birth announcement. I was obsessed with getting the sweet little 'sleeping in the nest' photo, and yet, the kids were still in the NICU 6 weeks after they were there was no sleeping...the photographer comes to the room, little boy has a Brady [bradycardia], little girl still has a feeding anyways something to the effect of "the children look Pakistani" after I was done trying to photo-shop out her feeding tube. NOT good.

And for some reason this means I've been demoted to...coordinating our outfits??? [Don't remind him that my actual fail was the actual outfits in year 1.] Hubby has also, for the last two years, managed to design the card around the color scheme of our sweaters. He's a dynamo. A genius, you might say. [Duh, they have templates and he picks one.] 

He knows I luuuuuv Christmas cards and that if we get this one good photo of the 4 of us at least once a year, which happens to also be around their birthday, then I won't bother him for the rest of the year. So we go all out. Even though our friends are starting to get smarter and send out e-cards, I'm going to always love a good old fashioned Christmas card. The feel of the paper, the reveal of the photo or greeting, the colors...well....let's be honest:

It's probably the photos. 

I'm addicted to photos and I really love seeing everyone's kids and how much they've grown. Before Facebook I used to write actual paragraphs to people and we would catch up on each other's lives. My hand would hurt from writing so much. Now I have to hold myself back from revealing the Christmas photo on Facebook before I actually send out the things! I luvvv it. Let's hope I'll be organized enough to save one from every year and my kids might like seeing the grouping of it someday. They'll think, "what a great mom we have. She dressed us up like matching dorks every year and sent it around to the whole world."

So for year 2/Christmas 2010 we did gray: 
This is the only time I actually got them matching sweaters from Hanna Andersson. But I covet the feeling.
For year 3/Christmas 2011 we did deep red/off white: 
And now it's year 4, bitches! I'm liking the khaki/black stripe. It's called: "Cocoa weather." The kids are really into stripes these days.


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